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Deed Transfer Info

All non-exempt transfers that include a metes and bounds description needs to be approved by Lake County Engineer - Tax Map Dept.  The review process may take up to business days.  We can not guarantee a review to be completed while you wait.  If you have a important transfer date, it is highly recommended that you submit your deed at least a minimum of 1 day before.

Key Points for Deed Transfers:

1) We DO NOT perform pre-approvals for deed transfers.  We will only review the originals.  It is not required that the deed be executed and many people choose to type the description on a separate sheet of paper for the approval process then attach it to the deed as an exhibit once the deed is executed.  This can speed up the process. 

2) The prior deed is required to be submitted, with your original, for the review process.  Please note the prior can not be an exempt transfer (i.e. Sheriff deed, transfer on death, etc...).  If the prior deed is an exempt transfer you will need to get the prior to that deed.