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Lake County, Ohio - Soil & Water Conservation District


    Watershed Watch  

    Every year from May through October, students and community members from across the county find themselves with wet feet and hands. These groups are a part of Watershed Watch, a stream monitoring program. Lake County SWCD employees assist groups in collecting macroinvertebrate samples. The macroinvertebrates are aquatic animals (mostly insects) that can be useful in indicating the general health of a river and its upstream tributaries. Many of the classes also take chemical measurements of  river conditions.  Local schools, organizations and Lake County SWCD have been providing this hands-on science experience for over 20 years, and their results are recorded as part of the official data for Ohio's Scenic Rivers program.  

    Stream monitoring in the news!

    Please contact Natalie if you are interested in getting your school  or group involved in Watershed Watch

    Useful Links:

    Grand River Stream gauge

    Chagrin River Stream Gauge

    Intellicast - hour-by-hour weather forecast

    Monitoring sites:

    Grand River Watershed Watch stations

    • GR 6.2: Kiwanis Recreation Park
    • GR 9.4: Helen Hazen Wyman Metropark
    • BC 0.1: Helen Hazen Wyman Metropark
    • KC 0.1: Helen Hazen Wyman Metropark
    • GR 14.2: Indian Point Metropark
    • PC 0.1: Indian Point Metropark
    • GR 22.4: Hidden Valley Metropark
    Chagrin River Watershed Watch stations:

    • CH 4.9: Daniels Park
    • CH 12.7: Old River Farm Park, North Chagrin Reservation
    • EB 5.0: Kirtland Hills Service Yard
    • EB 6.1: St Huber's Church
    • Pierson's Creek

    Chagrin 2008 (PDF)

    Grand 2008 (PDF)