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Lake County, Ohio - Soil & Water Conservation District

Erosion and Sediment Control Rules

    Erosion and Sediment Control rules for Township construction projects. click here.

    Erosion and Sediment Control rules for city and village construction projects -- check with the community.

    Application for Erosion and Sediment Control Review click here

    Lake County Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations

    Lake SWCD provides administrative assistance in the form of plan reviews, site inspections, and reporting requirements for the erosion and sediment control (ESC) ordinances that satisfy the mandates of the U.S. EPA.   
    Currently, the Lake SWCD administers ESC ordinances for several communities in Lake County. The goal of the ordinances is to ensure that the earth disturbing activities that accompany every new development site do not in any way negatively impact water resources off-site, and help to minimize the impacts of resources on-site.  Sedimentation damages our community by filling in Lake Erie harbors, transporting pollutants and heavy metals, reducing fish spawning habitat, impairing the gills of fish and aquatic organisms, creating stream bank erosion, and limiting recreational fishing opportunities.  These ordinances are designed to ensure that exposed soils remain intact to the greatest extent practical and that sediment-laden water created by construction activities is controlled, filtered, and treated before being released downstream.  These ordinances are essential for protecting our waters from economic and ecologic impacts caused by sedimentation. 

    Municipalities:  Townships: 
            Eastlake  Fairport Harbor Concord Leroy
    Grand River Kirtland Painesville  Perry
    Mentor-on-the-Lake  North Perry  Madison
    Painesville City Perry Village
    Waite Hill Wickliffe
    Willoughby Hills Willowick


    Sediment Finds its way