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Lake County, Ohio - Stormwater Management Department

What's Stormwater?

Where does our water go? 

All the water we use inside our homes goes directly to the sanitary sewer and a then to a waste water treatment plant or our household sewage treatment.  The cleaned water is then released into an area stream or into the ground in our backyard.

 What about all the water outside of our homes such as the rainwater that falls on our roofs, lawns, driveways, roads, streets, roadside ditches and parking lots? Where does this water go? It is not always easy to tell where this “STORMWATER” goes after it gets to the gutter, storm drain, street or ditch. The stormwater flows from these places to our creeks, streams, and lakes, BUT IS NOT CLEANED before it gets there.


What is the problem with stormwater pollution? 

Rainwater from roofs, lawns, driveways, streets, roadside ditches and parking lots in Lake County drain to area creeks and rivers and then to Lake Erie. This rainwater has a direct impact on some of our greatest assets in this area. We not only affect the health of our creeks, but the health of our Lake, its beaches, and our drinking water supply. 

Stormwater picks up trash and pollution. Examples include oil and antifreeze that drips from our cars, excess fertilizer and pesticides from our lawns, litter, grass clippings, leaves, and pet waste. Once pollution is picked up by the rainwater it moves through gutters, storm sewers and ditches to our creeks, streams, and lakes where it can cause health and safety problems for us and the living things in them. 




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