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School Safety

    Back To School Safety Tips By The American Academy Of Pediatrics

    This Site Has Points On:  

    • Make the First day easier
    • Backpack Safety,
    • Traveling to and from school
    • Eating during the school day
    • Bullying
    • Developing good study habits
    • After school child care.

    BackTo School Tips For Parents By The Federal Citizens Information Center

    This site has points on:

    • Top 5 Causes of Missed School
    • Check-Ups and Immunizations
    • Healthy Sleep
    • Nutrition Points
    • Get Moving
    • Travel to and from School
    • Backpack Safety

    Cyber Safety Toolkit

    This site has points on:

    • Avoid Cyberbullying Bookmark for Students
    • Cyber Safety Brochure
    • Keep Kids Safe Online Bookmark for Parents
    • Kids Safety Passport
    • Online Safety Bookmark for Teens
    • Technology IQ Cell Phone Poster
    • Technology IQ GPS Poster
    • Technology IQ Laptop Poster
    • Netcetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online — FTC