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Lake County, Ohio - Sheriff's Office

Flick the Switch - Save Your Life

    What if there was a switch?

            What if we told you that there was a switch you could turn on in your car, and once you turned it on it would save you and your passengers from being in 60% of the accidents we see today? Would you buy it? How much you be willing to pay for such a switch … $50 .. $100 ... $1,000? What if we told you can have one for free? Sound too amazing? Sound unbelievable? The good news is that it is true and you can have one today, right now.

            When you get in your car flip the switch and turn off your cell phone, your car phone, and other electronic devices that you have as a driver. Distracted driving is a major cause of accidents today, and actions such as texting and talking are creating more accidents, and larger accidents. When people who already follow vehicles in front of them too closely on our roadways look up from the text/message/posting/music channel there is not enough time to stop before a collision. The result is at a minimum serious car damage, and at worse significant injury and death.

            Save yourself and the ones you love today … just flick the switch!