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Lake County, Ohio - Planning & Community Development

Land Use & Zoning Members

    Land Use & Zoning Committee Members

    This Committee is comprised of 10 members appointed by the Chairman of the Lake County Planning Commission.  We try to keep equal representation of the townships on the Committee. There are usually two individuals appointed from each of the five Lake County townships:  Concord, Leroy, Madison, Painesville, and Perry.

    Land Use & Zoning Committee members are:

    Christopher Bernard - Madison Township
    Richard Constantine - Painesville Township

    Lora Diak - Madison Township
    Thomas Hill - Painesville Township

    Hiram Reppert - Concord Township
    Aven Malec - Perry Township
    Open - Leroy Township

    Richard Terriaco - Concord Township
    Mark Welch - Perry Township


    POINT OF INTEREST:  The Land Use and Zoning Committee was first established in 1957 along with seven other Planning Commission subcommittees.  This Committee was the only one of the seven original subcommittees to persevere to the present date.