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Lake County, Ohio - Public Defender


    Our Staff


    Charles R. Grieshammer

    Assistant Public Defenders

    Vanessa R. Clapp, Appellate Division Supervisor

    Melissa Blake, Felony Division

    Susan Grieshammer, Felony Division

    James Mathews, Felony Division

    Aaron Schwartz, Felony Division

    Michael Gabelman, Felony Division

    Charles Langmack, Felony Division

    Lauren Tuttle, Misdemeanor Division

    Sara Tackett, Misdemeanor and Domestic Relations Division

    Brent Urankar, Misdemeanor and Juvenile Division

    David E. Farren, Juvenile Division Supervisor

    Ashlyn Carroll, Juvenile Division

    Social Worker

    Timothy (TJ) Wineman

    Administrative Assistant/Chief Paralegal

    Michelle Chapman

    Office Manager/Secretary

    Mary Kreischer


    Kailey Grover