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Lake County, Ohio - Public Defender



    About us

    The Lake County Public Defender is a department of Lake County, Ohio

    We are a public law firm whose attorneys are assigned to represent people who are accused of criminal acts in Lake County and who cannot afford to hire an attorney. (Indigent)

    We represent both juveniles and adults.

    We handle cases in the Lake County Juvenile, Domestic Relations and Common Pleas Courts, Mentor, Painesville and Willoughby Municipal Courts, Eleventh District Court of Appeals and the Ohio Supreme Court.

    We represent people accused of Felony, Misdemeanor and serious traffic offenses, like OVI and DUS, as long as incarceration (jail, prison or juvenile lock up) is a potential punishment.

    We DO NOT represent people accused of simple traffic tickets, such as, speeding and red light violations where jail is not a potential sentence. 


    Every Public Defender in our office is an attorney who has graduated from an accredited law school, passed the Ohio Bar exam and is licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio by the Ohio Supreme Court.