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Lake County, Ohio - Job and Family Services

Income Withholding

    Income Withholding

    Income withholding by employers is the single most effective method of child support collection. Ohio employers play a vital role in helping to secure the financial future of thousands of children. Working cooperatively to withhold and remit child support payments, makes you a valuable resource in our efforts to secure these children's future.

    PLEASE REMEMBER to provide the Employee name, the SETS case number, the Court Docket number AND the payment amount for each case you are submitting a payment. If you are submitting one payment for multiple cases, you must provide the specific payment amount intended for each case.

    The payment amount submitted should be broken down between all cases. Please list the specific amount to be applied to each case individually.

    Employers submitting payments should mail payments to:

    Ohio Child Support Payment Central
    P.O. Box 182394
    Columbus, Ohio 43218-2394

    The SETS case number(s) and employee social security number MUST BE LISTED on your payment and included on all other correspondence you submit.

    •  Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    •  Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    EFT is a process that electronically transfers dollars from one bank account to another. EDI transfers information. In child support applications, EFT / EDI is used to simultaneously transfer child support payments and remittance information to the State (OCSPC).

    Using EFT/EDI has proven to be faster and more efficient than mailing paper checks and hard copy remittance information. It saves postage and administrative processing costs and reduces the chances of error.

    For detailed information on the formats and procedures for using EFT / EDI, go to Ohio Child Support Payment Central website.