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Lake County, Ohio - Job and Family Services

Employer Responsibilities

    Employer Responsibilities

    Income Withholding:

    • To withhold the correct amount of income for the length of the support obligation or face penalties.
    • Must honor an income withholding order/notice from another state.
    • Must remit monies to Ohio Child Support Payment Central (OCSPC) in a timely manner.
    • Must keep employment information up-to-date and report to the local Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED) when an employee will receive a lump sum payment of $150 dollars or more, is temporarily off work or terminates employment.

    Medical insurance:

    • On notice from the CSED, withhold monies for medical insurance for the children, if available.
    • Failure to enroll the employee on request by the CSED may prompt contempt charges by the court.
    • Must inform the CSED of any health insurance coverage changes, including termination of coverage.

    New Hire:

    • To have the information remain confidential.
    • Report new hires and rehires in a timely manner or face penalties.
    • Participate in the New Hire program inclusive of the electronic data match requirements.