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Lake County, Ohio - GIS

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    Welcome to the Lake County GIS Department

    It is estimated that more than eighty percent of governmental functions are associated with managing information about specific locations or geographic areas. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system for the input, editing, storage, maintenance, management, retrieval, analysis, and output of geographically referenced information. GIS supports applications such as emergency dispatch, land planning, emergency management and Homeland Security, property appraisal, civil engineering, natural resource monitoring, transportation planning, monitoring crime and accidents, public health and environmental analysis, economic development, census analysis, and many more. Learn more about GIS here.

    LakeNavigator 2.1 Help


    Try the new LakeNavigator 3.0 Beta.

    New Tools! New Layers! Works on any device - desktop, tablet, smartphone, Apple, Android, Windows!


    To view presentations on GIS, click on the slide below:


    The GIS Users Of Northern Ohio is a local group for aspiring GIS professionals. Learn about GIS with the various resources, presentations and links on the GUONO website. To learn more, visit the user group website by clicking here.