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Lake County, Ohio Kirtland Hills

Village Council

    Mayor John F. Turben

    8966 Booth Road - 256-3296


    Council Members

    Linda Harrold, President, 9385 Baldwin Road 440-255-9129

    G.J. King, Vice President, 8954 Booth Road 440-256-0717

    Tony Lanese, 9513 Little Mountain Road 440-974-0777

    Alyson Scott, 8330 Center Street 440-974-8810

    Jeffrey Shibley, 8950 Baldwin Road 440-256-9990

    Thomas Smith, 8775 Fox Hollow Lane 440-256-2264

    Jane Thornburgh, 9080 Booth Road 440-256-4138


    Council meets the third Monday of each month at 5:45 p.m. at the

    Village Hall - 8026 Chillicothe Road.





    Architectural Board of Review

    Mr. Thomas G. Smith, Chairperson

    Mr. Peter Fluhr

    Mrs. Pamela Schwaller

    Mrs. Jane Thornburgh

    Mrs. Linda Younker

    Board of Zoning Appeals

    Mr. Jeffrey Shibley, Chairperson

    Ms. Heidi Baldwin

    Mr. James McNulty

    Mr. William Pickett

    Planning & Zoning Commission

    Mrs. Linda Harrold, Chairperson

    Mr. Michael Baird

    Mr. Paul Gum

    Mr. Michael Keresman

    Mrs. Alyson Scott