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Lake County, Ohio - Engineer

ROAD CLOSINGS & BRIDGE LIMITATIONS (Check News Releases for further information).

VROOMAN ROAD BRIDGE PROGRESS (View the Workzone cameras here.... Click on the menu for Camera 1 - south end or Camera 2 - north end)

Posted Bridges - Outline map of bridges with weight limits

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Welcome to Lake County, Ohio

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The Lake County Engineer's Office is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Lake County citizens by providing safer roads, bridges, and intersections.


You are invited to review our website for up-to-date road information, review of ongoing projects, and other valuable information.  Please call, email, or visit us if what you are looking for is not on our website.

DISCLAIMER:  This site is intended to serve as a mechanism for communication to the public by the Lake County Engineer.  For your convenience, this site may contain hypertext or other links to external internet sites that are not provided or maintained by the Lake County Engineer.  Please note that the Lake County Engineer cannot guarantee the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of these external sites.












    Dumping leaves and other yard waste in streams, creeks, ditches, and storm drains causes problems for you, your neighbors, and your local municipality.


    Yard wastes also clog and block storm drains, streams, and ditches.  This increases flooding and stream bank and ditch erosion.  Fixing damage and removing these blockages comes at a cost to both homeowners and communities.


    From 1807 until 1958 various mills occupied the west bank of the Grand River just north of where the Main Street Bridge is now located in Painesville City.  Changing with owners and the demands of the time, the site housed a grist mill, saw mill, fulling and carding mill, manufacturing and metal stamping, and cider mill. 

    Crews are now removing the concrete and steel remains of the mill dam from the Grand River.  Click here for details.