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Lake County, Ohio - Commissioners



    Lake County Department of Utilities - Thursday, December 6, 2018


              The Lake County Department of Utilities (LCDU) intends to contract for engineering and surveying services in connection with various water, wastewater and solid waste projects.  The specific types of projects include waterlines, booster stations, storage tanks, water treatment plants, sewers, sewage pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants, and solid waste facilities.  The consultant shall be familiar with LCDU rules and regulations for sanitary sewers, water and solid waste.

              It is the intent of the LCDU to solicit statements of qualifications from firms interested in providing such services.  Statements of qualifications should include information regarding the firm's history; education and experience of owners and key technical personnel; the technical expertise of the firm's current staff; the firm's experience in designing similar projects; proximity to project site; availability of staff; the firm's equipment and facilities; references and any previous work performed for Lake County Department of Utilities.

              Upon receipt of statements of qualifications, it is the intent of the LCDU to prepare a list of prequalified firms to provide engineering and surveying services.  Evaluation of firms for inclusion on the prequalified list and notification and evaluation of prequalified firms for specific projects will be as required by Ohio Revised Code Sections 153.67-71.  LCDU will enter into contract negotiations with the most highly qualified firm or firms for each project.  While statements of qualifications will be accepted at any time, firms interested in work for 2019 should provide their statements by January 31, 2019.

              Statements of qualifications should be sent to: Randall J. Rothlisberger, P.E., Lake County Sanitary Engineer, Lake County Department of Utilities, 105 Main Street, P O Box 490, Painesville, Ohio  44077-0490.

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