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Lake County, Ohio - Commissioners


    The Lake County Board of Commissioners honored the 4-H Club members and Nancy Kochevar, one of the founders of the shooting club, with a certificate of recognition for their success at Nationals and for their continued growth and innovation. The recognition took place during the July 6, 2017 Commissioners Meeting.

    Nancy Kochevar, Chris Kochevar and Randy Brewster started a shooting sports club, Young Guns in our county in 2013.  This was a vision the 3 had and they executed it.

    In these 4 short years the club grew from 7 members to almost 60 members (which they had to cap as a result of a long waiting list).  Their first year the club was able to send youth to nationals, not 1 youth, but 4 youth were eligible in 2015.  They have had returning members in 2016 and this year they sent 8 youth to nationals. One youth from the club placed and took stage at nationals. This same youth is now taking what he learned from this club and is starting a shooting sport club up by him at college.  His goal is to help teach youth and college mates the importance of firearm safety, what he learned from being in the Young Guns.

    They have increased the amount of advisors in their club from them (the founding 3) to 11, and have had these advisors trained in their perspective disciplines. As a result of that they now are able to offer archery, pistol, rifle, air pistol, steel rifle, steel pistol, shotgun, and muzzle loading. Youth members are taking multiple disciplines to expand their knowledge of firearms, because of this. The Young Guns, club under these 3 advisors supervision, completed service projects where they  helped build a range at one of our metro parks, they also helped boots and saddle (where they meet and practice) expand and build a range. The club has successfully held fund-raisers every year, car washes, and a  turkey shoot (which is their biggest fund-raiser). They have also obtained many sponsors and grants.  With these funds obtained they have been able to purchase or have donated for the club, bows, rifles, pistols, ammunition, travel expenses for the Ohio team to travel to nationals, range time, a facility as well as a shooting trailer. 

    The impact of this innovative activity is that Lake County now has a very active and successful shooting sports club.  Young Guns is our fastest growing club in Lake County.  They have been able in these 3 years to obtain resources and materials so  Lake County youth can have the opportunity to be learning  about shooting sports in a safe and successful manner.

    The club has and continues to look at how they can expand with their ongoing fundraising and recruitment of donors, which assists the club in accommodating the rapid growth.  This vision and planning has assisted the club in being so successful.

    They have been a great addition to our 4-H program and have brought a heighten awareness to shooting sports and the Lake County's 4-H program. Nancy, Chris and Randy have been huge innovators for the shooting sports program in Lake County and nationally. They have done a great deal in just 4 short years with plans to continue to grow in the future!   

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