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    The test has been postponed until next week.

    Harbor Energy is performing some testing on sirens in the Davis-Besse and Perry EPZs next week.  This testing requires us to take actual sound level readings for each of the types of sirens we have.  The data collected is then used to calibrate the computer model that our contractor uses to create a map of the siren decibel levels.  The basic test is as follows:

    1. Disable rotation, such that the siren remains pointed at the instruments.
    2. Place instruments at siren height, using a bucket truck, calibrate sound meters, and record.
    3. Sound the siren to record data.
    4. Place the siren back in a normal condition and move to the next siren.


    Monday 8/31

    • Testing will be performed at siren L19 at approximately 1015 am on Monday 8/31/2020.
    • Testing will be performed at Siren L2 at approximately 1130 am
    • Testing will be performed at Siren L26 at 1:00 pm

    The locations of the sirens tests are:       

    L19 near intersection of Middle Ridge and 20- Perry Twp.

    L2 near intersection of Hubbard and Madison Ave.- Madison Twp.

    L26 Near area of 608 and Winchell- Concord Twp.

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