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Lake County, Ohio - Auditor

Forfeited Land Sales



    November 29, 2018

    9:00 a.m.

    Lake County Administration Building Assembly Room (lower level)

    105 Main Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077

    Click here for an excel spreadsheet of available properties.

    Click here for a PDF of available properties.

    Map of Madison Beach Estates Parcels

    Parcels will be offered for sale in order indicated. Parcels that go to bid will be offered initially for the amount delinquent.

    Unsold parcels will be re-offered for sale a second time following the last sale item.  We are unable to sell property to any person that is delinquent on real property taxes (O.R.C. 5723.06).

    The minimum bid accepted is TBD per parcel and will increase in set increments.

    For parcels sold for $500.00 or less, payment in full must be made.

    For parcels sold for more than $500.00, a deposit of 10% (Minimum of $500.00), must be made.  Balance due must be paid within seven (7) calendar days.  If balance is not paid within the seven (7) days, the deposit will be forfeited and the purchaser shall be in contempt of court and a citation shall be issued.  The parcel will be re-offered for sale at the next Forfeited Land Sale.

    Payments shall be made in cash, bank money order, or certified check made payable to “Lake County Treasurer”.  Please note that personal checks, company checks, letters of credit or charge cards will not be accepted.

    The cashier will make change up to $50.00 per transaction.

    Should the successful bidder be unable to make immediate payment, the sale will be declared void and the parcel immediately re-offered for sale.  No further bids will be accepted from such bidder.

    Prospective buyers are responsible for thoroughly researching the properties they wish to purchase, including all outstanding liens and recorded easements (including federal liens) that may not be extinguished at the time of the sale.  All prior real estate taxes, assessments, interest and penalties will be extinguished at the time the deed is issued.  The purchaser will be first responsible for general real estate taxes due in 2020 (Tax year 2019 Payable year 2020) unless previously exempted then taxes will be due in 2021 (Tax year 2020 Payable 2021).  Purchaser will receive a deed with no warranties.