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    ACHIEVE works with places of employment in Lake County to make improvements around their worksite wellness efforts and the health of their employees.

    Local Success through Mini-Grants: 2009 – 2013

    ACHIEVE Wellness Lake County has had the opportunity to work with several businesses since the inception of ACHIEVE in 2009 on policy and environmental changes in the workplace through mini-grants. Due to funding constraints, mini-grants are no longer available. ACHIEVE has met many wonderful people at a variety of companies and has helped many along their worksite wellness journey. The following policy and environmental changes have been supported through ACHIEVE’s work:

      - Establish guidelines for food offered at meetings to ensure one or more healthy
          options are available

      - Annual health screenings made available to employers
      - Installation of bike racks for employee use
      - Provide indoor and outdoor walking maps
      - Require on-site vending to meet certain nutritional standards
      - Reimburse local fitness memberships
      - Provide healthy breakfast or healthy lunch hour
      - Provide fresh fruit for employees
      - Offer fitness classes onsite


    The following companies have received funding through ACHIEVE to implement change:

                Avery Dennison

                City of Painesville

                City of Willoughby Hills            

                Lake County Free Clinic

                Lake County Juvenile Court

                Neighboring, Inc.

                New Avenues to Independence, Inc.

                Stafast Products
        Transfer Express, Inc.

                Workplace Media

    Employee Wellness Toolkit: 2014

    Currently in the planning phase, ACHIEVE is working on creating an Employee Wellness Toolkit that will be available to local employers via the ACHIEVE website and its social media pages. The Toolkit will consist of local services, organizations, and vendors and local and national resources that can assist companies that are looking to incorporate employee wellness into their company’s mission. The toolkit will have resources applicable to all stages of “wellness”; there will be resources for those just beginning worksite wellness as well as those who need help evaluating their worksite wellness program. The Toolkit will be a “working Toolkit”, in the sense that resources will be continuously added.

    The following is a list of policy/environmental changes supported by ACHIEVE in the workplace:

             ·   Establish guidelines for food offered at meetings to ensure one or more healthy options are available.

            ·    Annual health screenings made available to employees.

            ·    Install a bike rack for employee use.

            ·    Provide indoor and outdoor walking maps.

            ·    Require on-site vending to meet certain nutritional standards.

            ·    Reimburse local fitness memberships.

            ·    Provide healthy breakfast or healthy lunch hour.

            ·     Provide fresh fruit for employees.

            ·     Offer fitness classes onsite.

    The next opportunity for businesses to be funded through ACHIEVE will become available in summer 2014.  Applications will be available on the home page under "Local wellness announcements".  Participating businesses will be required to report on how the money is utilized and will need to schedule meetings during the grant period, which is 12 months.