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Sleep wellness

We spend a third of our life asleep and yet in general we pay very little attention to what actually goes on during that time. Learn to diagnose and improve your rest below.

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Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

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Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Mobile Health


    Despite its relative infancy, the Mobile Health (mHealth) market includes more than 100,000 apps, according to 
     founder Ralf-Gordon Jahns, "Mobile technology is truly revolutionizing the future of healthcare, and mobile apps in particular have played an important role in improving communication between physicians and patients, increasing adherence to medical prescriptions, helping patients locate good doctors and pharmacies, and encouraging preventative measures," says Jeff Holleran, senior director of Enterprise Product Strategy at BlackBerry. "Both doctors and patients are finding that mobile apps can provide a fast and efficient way to stay in touch and exchange information. Providers are leveraging apps so that they can respond quicker and share data faster. On the consumer side, mobile apps are growing in popularity as people become increasingly more conscious about their health and well-being."

    Fun Facts

    iPhone users focus on health, Android more on fitness

    Opera Mediaworks has released a two-part study revealing how consumers use their mobile devices to interact and engage with health and fitness content. The company found that:

    iPhone users focus on health, Android more on fitness

    • Health & Fitness users are more likely to have an iPhone.

    • However, iPhone users are more into Health (62%) than Fitness (58%) while Android users consume more Fitness content than Health (39% vs. 30%).
    Interest in health and fitness varies greatly by country

    • Health sites and apps have steady, high use in the early afternoon, though the most traffic and engagement happens around noon to 1pm.

    • Fitness, on the other hand, sees the most activity in the afternoon and evening, with peak usage and engagement occurring between 9 and 10pm.