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Lake County, Ohio - Achieve


Check out our interactive map of every recreational facility in the County with web addresses listed for each facilities' website. Your one-stop shop for active living!

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ACHIEVE Wellness


    Welcome to the ACHIEVE Wellness Lake County, Ohio Home Page

    ACHIEVE Wellness Lake County fosters collaborative partnerships between city and county health officials, city and county governments, tribal programs, parks and recreation departments, local YMCAs, local health-related coalitions, and other representatives from the school, business, health, and community sectors to implement improvements. State departments of health and other state-level partners provide additional resources and information to help communities meet their goals.

    Examples of community-based improvements include increased access to and use of attractive and safe locations for engaging in physical activity, revised school food contracts that include more fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods, and requirements for sidewalks and crossing signals in neighborhoods to make them more pedestrian-friendly.

    Our Vision
    Lake County residents of all ages will lead healthy lifestyles that include consuming nutritious foods and engaging in higher levels of physical activity. 
    Our Mission
    To become the healthiest County in Ohio by providing education and building an environment that will improve the overall quality of life for Lake County residents.
    Who We Are
    We are a partnership comprised of key leaders and community members who have mobilized to address health concerns in Lake County.
    ACHIEVE Wellness provides funding and support to schools, worksites, and other entities of the community to assist them in making changes to better the health of the community.  Click below on the three community sectors to see what it is we have been doing:


    Local Wellness Announcements

    Want to add a local wellness opportunity? Email your flyer or information to Katelyn Coan, [email protected]

    Health in the Harbor Success - June 7th

    Thousands ran to the Harbor for Health in the Harbor for fun: the Ninja obstacle coarse, beach art, games, disc golf, paddleboard, kayaking and much more at the Village of Fairport Lakefront. To see what you missed and get excited about next year, click here.

    Join the LCGHD’s Registered Dietitian and OSU Extension’s Family and Nutrition Program Assistant in learning more in-depth about nutrition!

    Learn about portion control, adding fruits & vegetables to their plate, and most importantly, how to read a food label. Participants that complete each class will receive $10 in farmers’ market vouchers per class that can be used at the Mentor Farmers Market or the Painesville Farmer’s Market. Participants can complete each class topic only once.
    To learn more, click this:   

    ACHIEVE Wellness Community Recognition Program

    ACHIEVE Wellness Lake County is looking for the next ACHIEVE Wellness Community! An ACHIEVE Wellness Community is one that is looking to take that next step in terms of making their community a healthier place to live and ultimately, contributing to a healthier Lake County. Communities are encouraged to take 3 steps to become an ACHIEVE Wellness Community: 

    1. Participate in ACHIEVE Wellness Lake County’s quarterly meetings and identify a support team within your community
    2. Conduct a Community Health Assessment utilizing new or pre-existing data
    3. Create & adopt a Community Health Improvement Plan

    The program is not associated with a fee, but does require the dedication of staff and resources to support the steps associated with the process. The partnerships established between numerous ACHIEVE members have aligned themselves to help with the 3 steps mentioned above and to support your community in identifying areas for improvement, selection of effective policies and programs, and utilization of best practices.  

    For questions, please email Katelyn Coan at [email protected]

    Learn more about the ACHIEVE Wellness Community Recognition Program.

    10,000 Steps Challenge

    Welcome to ACHIEVE Wellness’ 10,000 Steps Challenge!

    The 10,000 Steps Challenge is a health promotion program that encourages physical activity through pedometer usage and logging steps. Your goal is 10,000 steps per day! Yes, you can do it! Remember, if it does not challenge you, then it does not change you!

    Walking is one of the best things you can do for your health. This is a great opportunity for those who are physically active already as it will just add to your exercise plan, as well as for those who are not physically active. This challenge will allow you to start slowly and gradually increase your daily and weekly amount of physical activity.

    Individuals who walk, as part of daily living and for physical activity, have a better chance of controlling their weight and lessening their risk factors for lifestyle related diseases including, heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes. Take a look at a report of the Surgeon General that compiles facts, suggestions, and descriptions of what being physically active looks like.

    The goal of the 10,000 Steps Challenge is three fold: 1.) to increase your health, 2.) to walk 10,000 steps per day throughout the challenge, and 3.) to incorporate walking as a form of physical activity into your daily routine, after the challenge has ended. The challenge serves as a motivator to get you started, habit is what will keep you going!  

    Please refer to the Rules for more information regarding the challenge.


    To LOG your daily steps, please download the Step Tracker Log.

    REPORT your weekly steps.                                                                                                                                                        
    DOWNLOAD a Walking Map HERE.

    Please contact Katelyn Coan for more information.

    [email protected]

    (440) 350-2971

    What's Good for the Heart May Also Prevent Cancer

    Healthy lifestyles do double duty against 2 major disease groups. Seven healthy lifestyle tips recommended by heart experts reduce not only the risk of heart disease but also cancer, a new study finds. Click here to learn more.

    Did You Know?

    Chronic diseases cause 7 in 10 deaths each year in the United States.

    More than 75% of healthcare costs are due to chronic diseases.

    Nearly 1 in 2 adults live with at least one chronic disease.

    Chronic diseases are the most common and costly of all health problems.  They are also the most preventable of all health problems. 

    A majority of chronic diseases are attributable to modifiable lifestyle behaviors, such as poor nutrition, lack of physical activity, use of tobacco, overweight/obesity, and excessive alcohol consumption.

     “On average, every one minute of walking can extend your life two minutes”.

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    "Young Americans may be the very first generation to live shorter lives than their parents because obesity will shave two to five years off the average life expectancy by 2050! O
    n average, every one minute of walking can extend your life two minutes."

    Why It Is So Hard To Lose Weight?

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    Turn up the volume!

    ACHIEVE is a initiative initially funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Association of Chronic Disease Directors.  The initiative in Lake County, began in 2009 and is coordinated by Lake County General Health District along with many partners.  Lake County is one of six ACHIEVE Communities in Ohio. is a CDC Healthy Communities program made possible with funding provided by the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and the Lake County General Health District.