Statement of Vote
Lake County
November General 2003

November 4, 2003

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Eastlake City Ward 1 Council
Eastlake City Ward 2 Council
Eastlake City Ward 3 Council
Eastlake City Ward 4 Council
Eastlake City Council-at-Large (Unexp)
Kirtland City Mayor
Kirtland City Ward 1 Council
Kirtland City Ward 2 Council
Kirtland City Ward 3 Council
Kirtland City Ward 4 Council
Mentor City Ward 1 Council
Mentor City Ward 2 Council
Mentor City Ward 3 Council
Mentor City Ward 4 Council
Mentor-On-The-Lake City Mayor
Mentor-On-The-Lake City Council
Mentor-On-The-Lake Charter Commission
Painesville City Ward 1 Council
Painesville City Ward 2 Council
Painesville City Ward 3 Council
Painesville City Ward 4 Council
Willoughby City Council-at-Large
Willoughby City Ward 1 Council
Willoughby City Ward 2 Council
Willoughby City Ward 3 Council
Willoughby City Ward 4 Council
Willoughby City Ward 5 Council
Willoughby City Ward 6 Council
Willoughby Hills City Mayor
Willoughby Hills City Council-at-Large (2 Yr)
Willoughby Hills City District 1 Council
Willoughby Hills City District 2 Council
Willoughby Hills City District 3 Council
Willowick City Mayor
Willowick City Council-at-Large
Willowick City Ward 1 Council
Willowick City Ward 2 Council
Willowick City Ward 3 Council
Fairport Harbor Village Mayor
Fairport Harbor Village Clerk-Treasurer
Fairport Harbor Village Council (Elect 2)
Grand River Village Mayor
Grand River Village Council (Elect 2)
Kirtland Hills Village Mayor
Kirtland Hills Village Council (Elect 3)
Lakeline Village Mayor
Lakeline Village Clerk-Treasurer
Lakeline Village Council (Elect 2)
Madison Village Mayor
Madison Village Clerk-Treasurer
Madison Village Council (Elect 2)
North Perry Village Mayor
North Perry Village Clerk-Treasurer
North Perry Village Council (Elect 2)
Perry Village Mayor
Perry Village Clerk-Treasurer
Perry Village Council (Elect 2)
Timberlake Village Mayor
Timberlake Village Clerk-Treasurer
Timberlake Village Council (Elect 2)
Waite Hill Village Mayor
Waite Hill Village Council (Elect 3)
Concord Township Trustee (Elect 1)
Concord Township Clerk
Leroy Township Trustee (Elect 1)
Leroy Township Clerk
Madison Township Trustee (Elect 1)
Madison Township Clerk
Painesville Township Trustee (Elect 1)
Painesville Township Clerk
Perry Township Trustee (Elect 1)
Perry Township Clerk
Lake Educational Service Center (Elect 2)
Kirtland Local Board of Education (Elect 2)
Madison Local Board of Education (Elect 2)
Painesville Twp. Local Bd of Education (Elect 2)
Painesville Twp Local Bd of Education (Unexpired)
Perry Township Local Bd. of Education (Elect 2)
Mentor Ex. Village Board of Education (Elect 2)
Fairport Ex. Village Board of Education (Elect 3)
Painesville City Local Bd of Education (Elect 3)
Wickliffe City Board of Education (Elect 2)
Wickliffe City Board of Education (Unexp)
Willoughby-Eastlake City Bd. of Ed. (Elect 2)
State Issue 1
Leroy Township Roads 1.5 mill replacement
Madison Zoning Referendum
Madison Police 1.9 mill renew
Madison I Local Option
Mentor Schools 3 mill additional
Madison Library 1 mill additional
Painesville Twp Schools Emergency
Childrens Services .7 mill renewal
Laketran Sales tax Continue
Mentor Zoning - 380 acres
Mentor Fire 1.5 mill renewal
Mentor Zoning Initiative - 7.0911 acres
Painesville Charter Amend 1
Painesville Charter Amend 2
Painesville Charter Amend 3
Painesville Charter Amend 4
Painesville Charter Amend 5
Painesville Charter Amend 6
Painesville Charter Amend 7
Painesville City S Corp
Wickliffe Bond Issue
Wickliffe Zoning
Willoughby Gas Aggregation
Willoughby Hills Gas Aggregation
Willoughby Hills EE Local Option
Fairport S Corp
North Perry S Corp
North Perry Referendum
Perry Village S Corp
Waite Hill Charter Amend 1
Waite Hill Charter Amend 2
Waite Hill Charter Amend 3
Waite Hill Charter Amend 4
Waite Hill Charter Amend 5
Waite Hill Charter Amend 6