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Lake County, Ohio - Utilities

Education Outreach

    Lake County’s Ohio State University Extension and the Solid Waste District work collaboratively in conjunction to support education programs that teach elementary students how they can help the earth. Through monthly activities, these students learn about litter prevention, reduction, re-using and recycling.  Beth Bollas, OSU Program Assistant, leads programs like Fantastic Plastic which educates students on how plastics are not all equal.  During this activity, students color plastic pieces, that when heated shrink.  As a bonus reminder they keep their unique “I Love Recycling” key chains to put on their back packs.  These types of programs ignite family discussions on recycling and enhance students’ understanding of preserving landfill space.

    If you are interested in scheduling your class or group to participate in these programs,
    please contact Beth Bollas from The Ohio State Extension.

    Standard Business Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM - 4:30PM  
    Tel: (440) 350-2208