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Lake County, Ohio - Utilities

Solid Waste District

    The Solid Waste District in Lake County oversees matters involving the disposal of solid waste products. The District maintains the landfill, compost, recycling and special collections throughout the county.

    Business Waste Reduction Committee


    The Business Waste Reduction Committee focuses its work on implementing the district’s waste reduction plan for commercial business and industries in the district. The purpose of the Lake county business waste reduction is to:

    1. Identify and promote ways commercial, industrial, governmental and non profit establishments in the district can reduce and/or recycle waste
    2. Facilitate the proactive sharing of information, resources and expertise in support of waste minimization efforts across the county.
    3. Document the results of those activities.


    1. Raise levels of awareness of the Lake County business community to the positive aspects of waste reduction, reuse and recycling.
      • Through activities such as newsletters and arranging for media coverage; sponsoring and promoting awards for business leadership in waste reduction; a speakers bureau; providing information booths at community events; and through waste reduction and recycling seminars.
    2. To provide value-added services that support waste minimization efforts of commercial, industrial, governmental and non-profit organizations.
      • Through activities such as analysis of survey responses; identifying recyclable market trends; technical assistance including waste audits; and through establishments of an information center.
    3. Achieve significant, yearly increases in the number of retail, commercial, educational and industrial organizations that report their waste reduction and recycling data to the district.
      • Through such activities as communicating the benefits and need for accurate reporting; focusing on key businesses; improving the survey form; and providing additional resources to assist businesses with their reporting, as required.

    This committee is comprised of several members who make up the policies regarding the Lake County Solid Waste Management District. The committee members include:

    Tim Gourley
    LCSWMD Coordinator

    Jennifer Bell
    Lake County Commissioners

    Patricia Fowler
    City of Wickliffe
    Randy Zondag
    Ohio State Extension
    Beth Bolas
    Ohio State Extension



    Chris LeGros
    CT Consultants, Inc

    Bonnie Rice
    City of Mentor​