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Lake County, Ohio - Utilities


    Gary Fedak, P.E. Director of Operations  (440)350-2652

    Matthew Armand, Director of Administration

    (440) 350-2750

    Randall J. Rothlisberger, P.E., Sanitary Engineer

     (440) 350-2652

    Mission Statement

    As a public servant, we are obligated to provide the highest quality of service to the citizens of Lake County. This means that contacts with our customers, whether by telephone or face-to-face, are courteous, helpful, and convey confidence in our department.

    Our mission is to supply safe drinking water to our homes, clean water to our rivers and lakes and prevent unnecessary fill to our land. This will be accomplished by striving to maintain a level of management and operating excellence recognized as the best in the utility industry.

    To accomplish this, every employee of the Department of Utilities must be committed to this mission.  Each person is an essential link in maintaining our public trust.

    Lake County Department of Utilities consists of the following divisions:

    Lake County Utilities Administrative
    Second Floor
    105 Main Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077
    General Office (during regular working hrs)
    440-350-2645   FAX 440-350-2666
    (all other times) 440-350-3431   440-350-3432

    Engineering and Inspection
    Third Floor
    105 Main Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077
    General Office (during regular working hrs)
    440-350-2652   Fax 440-350-5784

    Water & Sewer Billing Office
    125 East Erie Street, Suite 7, Painesville, Ohio 44077
    (Mailing: PO Box 8005, Painesville, Ohio 44077) 
    440-350-2070   440-918-2070   440-428-4348 Ext 2070
    FAX 440-350-2064

    Sewer Division

    Gary L. Kron Water Reclamation Facility
    440-350-3431   440-350-3432
    FAX 440-350-3440

    Madison Wastewater Treatment Facility
    440-428-1794   440-428-2556
    FAX 440-428-6450

    Solid Waste Division

    Lake County Solid Waste Facility
    2039 Blase Nemeth Road, Painesville, Ohio 44077
        440-350-2644   FAX 440-350-2910

    Water Division

    Aquarius Water Treatment Facility (West)
    440-918-3420   440-918-3421
    FAX 440-918-3424

    Aquarius Water Maintenance Center (West)
    440-918-3416   FAX 440-918-3441

    Water Treatment Facility (East) 
    440-350-2155   Fax 440-350-2936

    Water Maintenance Center (East)
    (Mailing: PO Box 490, Painesville, Ohio 44077)
    440-350-2725  Fax 440-350-2359