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Lake County, Ohio - Soil & Water Conservation District

Site Plans

    Site Plans

        The Lake SWCD works with developers, contractors, planners, and various community and private engineers to develop practical erosion and sediment control procedures for new development sites in Lake County.  These procedures and practices are outlined in an Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Plan.

        An ESC Plan must take into account all natural resource aspects of the site including streams, wetlands, floodplains, lakes and ponds, soils, steep slopes, timber management, and groundwater conditions that might affect the development process and procedures.   Throughout this process, the District must take into consideration all federal, state, and local regulations to ensure consistent compliance within the county.

        Additionally, road configurations, utility layouts, lot sizes, building densities, drainage schemes, and stormwater and detention facility locations are also factors which determine what goes where on any particular development site.  A good plan review starts in the conceptual phase and includes comments and suggestions from all associated reviewers as well as community input.

        Below are three of the most common types of plans routinely requested by the District. All erosion and sediment control details for BMPs can be found at our ESC BMPs pages for this site.
    Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
        This type of plan is required for all commercial, multi family, and industrial sites as well as for any new subdivision projects. It is also required for homesites with over 1.0 acrre of proposed land disturbance. ESC Plans for commercial, industrial, multi-family and residential subdivisions are generally submitted to the District at the conceptual phase and well before the site is to be cleared.   Typically this includes specific ESC notes and details, a comprehensive SWP3 plan complete with wetland and stream delineations, locations of all storm water facilities and BMPs, and a comprehensive erosion and sediment control management plan.  Standard Lake SWCD notes for this type of plan can be found at ESC Notes or by viewing the SWP3 Guidance Manual. 

    Abbreviated Erosion and Sediment Control Plan
        This type of plan is only acceptable for individual home sites with less than 1.0 acre of land to be disturbed.  Abbreviated ESC plans are a shortened version of a full ESC plan designed for the purpose of simplifying the approval process for a single lot homebuilder.  These plans require a standard set of notes as well as standard details for BMPs needed on most single-family construction sites.  A sample site plan can be downloaded here Standard Lake SWCD notes for this type of plan can be found at Abbreviated ESC Notes. 

    Clearing and Grading Plan
        This type of plan is required for any clearing and grading of any site over one acre in the townships or as required by a local communities ESC ordinance.  If the site is to be developed, a preliminary plan of the proposed roads and structures must be included on the plan.  Depending on the site, timbering projects may also be required to develop a comprehensive timber management plan at the discretion of the District.  Persons planning to clear or grade a site should pay special attention to any additional conservation easements, conservation zoning, or riparian/wetland setbacks that may apply to their property for a particular community.