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Lake County, Ohio - Soil & Water Conservation District

Fees & Applications

Application for Site Plan Erosion and Sediment Control Review:

Erosion and Sediment Control Application:  Click Here 
Information Required for the Application: Click Here


Projects in cities and villages:       Municipal Review Fee   
hecks for projects in municipalities must be made out directly to the “Lake SWCD” 

Projects in a township (county):    Township (county) Review Fees   
Checks for projects in Townships must be made out to the “Lake County Treasurer”. 

*Plan review and inspection fees are a one-time payment.   
 *Credit payments are not accepted. Review will not be conducted nor will approvals be granted until all fees are paid.

Application Procedures

"What Do I Need to Bring?" The applicant is required to bring:
2 copies of site plans
Completed application
Copy of the Ohio EPA Notice of Intent (if applicable, See NOI below)
Review and inspection fee

All plans shall be submitted 30 days in advance of the proposed start date. 

What Happens After That?"
These plans are then reviewed by the District to ensure that they meet the criteria set forth in that particular community's most current erosion and sediment control ordinance.

How Long Can I Expect to Wait for Approval?"
Abbreviated Plans (sublots) take about a week to review, while larger plans can take several weeks. Specific details on site plans can be found on our
Site Plans

"Who Needs to Apply?"
    Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District administers Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Ordinances for the following Municipalities and Townships:

                Eastlake Fairport Harbor Concord Leroy 
rand River Kirtland Painesville Perry
Mentor-on-the-Lake  Madison Village  Madison
North Perry Painesville City Perry Village Waite Hill Wickliffe Willoughby Willoughby Hills Willowick
Ordinances can be found on our ESC Rules page.


Notice of Intent to Discharge Permits (NOI)

Individual Lot Notice of Intent to Discharge (NOI)
: Sublots in residential and commercial subdivisions      (<1.0 acres of disturbance)

      Ohio Individual Lot NOI Permit Instructions: click here

Ohio EPA Individual Lot NOI permit: click here

Notice of Intent to Discharge (NOI): Coverage under the Ohio EPA General NPDES permit          ( >1.0 acres of disturbance)

Ohio EPA NOI Instructions: click here

Ohio EPA (NOI) Permit: click here

Notice of Termination (NOT)

Individual Lot Notice of Termination (NOT):

Indiviual Lot NOT Instructions: click here

Individual Lot NOT: click here

General Notice of Termination (NOT):

General NOT Instructions: click here

        General NOT: click here

Ohio EPA's Permit Wizard:

Current OEPA Self Inspection Form: click here 

Current OEPA SWPPP Review Checklist: click here

Things that may delay a review or approval:

  • Plans need revisions

  • Application not yet submitted

  • Application not filled out completely or properly

  • Review and inspection fee not paid

  • Applicant is in noncompliance with other projects

  • Applicant is building a new home in a subdivision that is currently out of compliance

  • Applicant has not shown proof of compliance with other state or federal regulations