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Lake County, Ohio - Soil & Water Conservation District



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    First Half 2016 Supplemental article Timber Done Right: An Example of the Proper Way for Landowners to Market, Sell and Harvest Timber - Click Here

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    Third Quarter 2011 - Surface and Subsurface Drainage

    First Quarter 2011 - Urban Headwaters

    Fourth Quarter 2010 - Lake SWCD, Nurseries, and Water Quality

    Second Quarter 2010 - Clean Beaches Start in Your Yard

    Fourth Quarter 2009 - Great Lakes Restoration Initative

    Third Quarter 2009 - Lake County's Unique Soil Characteristics

    Second Quarter 2009 - Green Lawns

    First Quarter 2009 - Timber, or Not to Timber

    Third Quarter 2008 - Keep Your Yard Waste Dry

    Second Quarter 2008 - Dragonfly Larvae in Our Headwater Streams

    First Quarter 2008 - Conservation Easements on Capitol Hill

    Fourth Quarter 2007 - 61st Annual Meeting

    Third Quarter 2007 - Invasive Plants

    Second Quarter 2007 - Clean Boating

    First Quarter 2007 - Freeze and Thaw: Winter Pond Care

    Fourth Quarter 2006 - Emerald Ash Borer Update

    Third Quarter 2006 - Dog Days in the Pond

    Second Quarter 2006 - YMCA Wetland Restoration

    First Quarter 2006 - A Great Lake: Looking at Lake Erie

    Fourth Quarter 2005 - Rain Gardens

    Third Quarter 2005 - Handling Unwanted Wildlife

    Second Quarter 2005 - Farmland Protected in North Perry

    First Quarter 2005 - Wildlife in Winter

    Fourth Quarter 2004 - Getting What You Want Out of Your Forest

    Third Quarter 2004 - Keeping Sewage in its Place

    Second Quarter 2004 - Headwater Stream Evaluation

    First Quarter 2004 - Backyard Conservation

    Fourth Quarter 2003 - Improving Water Quality in Lake County

    Third Quarter 2003 - Name That Stream... Stream Crossing Identification Project in Lake County

    Second Quarter 2003 - Wetlands in Ohio

    First Quarter 2003 - Forests in Ohio

    Fourth Quarter 2002 - Coping With Polluted Runoff

    Third Quarter 2002 - Nonpoint Source Pollution: Not at My House!

    Second Quarter 2002 - Nonpoint Source Pollution: The Nation's Largest Water Quality Problem

    First Quarter 2002 - Services Offered Through Lake SWCD

    Fourth Quarter 2001 - Lake County's Watersheds: Arcola Creek

    Third Quarter 2001 - Lake County's Watersheds: The Grand River

    Second Quarter 2001 - Lake County's Watersheds: The Chagrin River

    First Quarter 2001 - Getting Involved in Conservation

    Fourth Quarter 2000 - Preserving Land in Lake County

    Third Quarter 2000 - Managing Your Suburban Forest

    First Quarter 2000 - USDA Declares Madison Soil Types as "Unique and of Local Importance"


    Nursery Industry Survey

    Results of the Lake County Nursery Industry Survey have been released.  This survey documents the contribution of Lake County's wholesale and retail nursery operations on the economy of Lake County and the State of Ohio.  Download a web-compatible PDF file by clicking here.  If you would like a high-resolution version of this document, please contact Maurine Orndorff for details.

    Cost of Community Services

    An updated Cost of Community Services report is now available.  This report compares annual income to the expense of public services for different land use sectors.  COCS studies are snapshots in time of costs versus revenues per land parcel.  The township and village of Madison were used during fiscal year 1992 and again in 2007.  You can stop by the office to pick up a free copy during regular hours or download it here.

    The Northeast Ohio Grape & Wine Economic Impact Study
    The 2008 Northeast Ohio Grape & Wine Economic Impact Study is a part of a concerted effort to promote agricultural sustainability and preservation of our important and unique agricultural lands.  The grape and wine industry in Northeast Ohio has been a long standing industry with more than 1,300 acres of vineyards and 20 wineries.  The study shows that the grape and wine industry is significant and brings millions of dollars to our regional economy. Download the study here

    Lake County Soil Survey (free)

     A valuable resource that provides a wide variety of soil information on any location in the county.   Information on drainage, water tables, housing and crop suitability, and much more.  Call or stop by to pick up a copy.

    Annual Report

    Annual financial reports and listings of district achievements.  Call for previous year's report.

    Technical Bulletins are located on the Urban page

    Muddy Hands is located on the Education page