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Lake County, Ohio - Stormwater Management Department


In case of a stormwater related emergency, call local authorities or your road service department.


(440) 350-5900

For Kids

    Do you know how our creeks and beaches get polluted? Or have you ever

    wondered what those holes in the sidewalk were for? Well, read on to find out…

    What’s storm water pollution? Storm water is the water that runs down the street when it’s raining. Storm water enters holes in the curb or street called storm drains. 


    Our rivers and Lake Erie get dirty from pollution that flows into storm sewers.  Water the flows into storm sewers does not go to a water treatment plant.  If pollutants, such as motor oil, bug sprays or soap are on the ground, they are washed into our clean water.


    How can we keep stormwater clean?

    Ask mom or dad to take the car to the car wash.  Don't wash your car on a driveway or street where soapy water can drain into sewers. 

    Scoop and clean up pet waste in the yard so that it does not wash into our sewers.

    When the oil in your car is changed, make sure the old oil is recycled, and that any spills are cleaned.

    Rake and sweep up leaves, grass and other yard debris.  Bag and dispose of yard waste properly, or start a compost pile.



    (440) 350-5900