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Lake County, Ohio - Sheriff's Office

Most Wanted

    The people pictured below are Wanted by the Lake County, Ohio Sheriff's Office

    The Lake County Sheriff's Office needs your help in locating these suspects. 
    Warrants have been issued for their arrest.


    If you have information regarding this individual contact the Lake County Sheriff's Office at 440.350.5620  or  1.800.899-5253  extension 5620

    Do not try to apprehend this individual yourself.

    Law Enforcement Officers:

    Use NCIC verification protocols before making an arrest based on this information.


    Wanted On Felony Charges

    Select A Photo Below To See Enlarged Photo And Description Of The Fugitive


            Derwin Gatson       
    Arrested 11-18-2015
    Nicholas Spychola 
    Arrested 12-20-2015

    Andre Carr  

    Stephanie Teleha
     Arrested 10/07/15 

    Jose Torres

    Jacqueline Lombardi

     Ashley Robinson
    In Federal Custody

    Ericka Borom
    Arrested 12-16-2015

    Reuben Mason

    Michael D. Sparks 
    Arrested 10-1-2015

    Deandre Woods
    Arrested October 15, 2015

    Luz Vargas

    Ahmed Nagy

    Valenica Harris
    Arrested 2-28-2016

    James Pidala
    Arrested on 12-20-2015
    Kimberly McLaurin  
     Sharon Kanyuira
    Justin Kelly 
     Devin Walker