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Lake County, Ohio - Recorder

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The Recorder's Report - December 2014 

Please contact this office with any questions you may have in regards to obtaining a copy of your deed by mail or email. Deeds recorded after 1992 can be emailed to you for free.


EFFECTIVE May 13th, 2013 this office will no longer issue reimbursements for recording fees. Checks presented to this office at the time of filing must reflect the correct total recording fee.  (See 'Schedule of Fees')


On July 1, 2009,  HB 525 went into effect which created standardized guidelines for documents recorded in this office. Documents that do not comform to the standard guidelines will still be accepted, but a $20.00 penalty fee will be charged. (ORC §317.114)

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    Welcome to the Lake County Recorder's Web Site!

    Ann Radcliff Dear Taxpayer,

    Our goal is to provide prompt, efficient and accurate service to the public.

    Our priority is to keep meeting the high standards expected by you of your public officials.

    We hope that this website helps you in your search and is a valuable resource to your interaction with this office.


    Ann M. Radcliffe
    Lake County Recorder


                                                                           "GOOD DEEDS"

    A collaborative effort between Lake County Probate Court Judge Mark Bartolotta, Lake County Recorder Ann M. Radcliffe and Lake County Clerk of Courts Maureen G. Kelly to present information regarding ways to minimize the probate process. 

    This program will be held on September 22nd at 6:30 p.m. in the lower level of the Administration Building across the hall from the Recorder's Office.

    This is a free public service to the residents of Lake County to assist them and their families in planning ahead to minimize the probate court involvement in estates after losing a loved one.

    If you would like to have your deed reviewed at this program we recommend that you obtain a copy of your deed prior to this event.