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Probate Court - Lake County, Ohio


         1)  Applicant 1 or Applicant 2 must be a resident of Lake County.
         2) Couples from out-of-state may apply for a marriage license in Lake County, but the ceremony must be solemnized within the boundaries of Lake County. Must also disclose location and who will marry the couple.
         3)  Both must come to this Office together to apply for a Marriage License.
         4) Photo ID-Driver's License or State ID required. If from another country-Passport, Visa, or Green card. Proof of Residency – A driver’s license with current address.  If address is not current, the Lake County resident must additionally provide two pieces of business mail with name and current address, such as a utility bill, etc.
         5) Must be 19 or older. (If not call clerk for details)

         6)If either person has been divorced, a Certified Copy of the most recent divorce must be provided at the time of application. A Certified Copy that states: Judgment Entry of Divorce, Dissolution of Marriage, or Annulment.  It must also show a File Stamped Date, Case Number, Judge's Signature and have the County Seal where the Divorce was granted.     
         7) If your spouse died you will need a certified copy of the death certificate.

    Hours M-F 8:00-4:30 - Couple must arrive by 4:00 in order to process the Marriage Application.

    $62 Cash Only


    Marriage Application1.43 MBDownload