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Lake County, Ohio - Planning Commission

Lake County FYI

    Lake County FYI


    Did you know that Lake County was formed by 8 townships out of two existing counties?
    Concord (Geauga)
    Kirtland (Geauga)
    LeRoy (Geauga)
    Madison (Geauga)
    Mentor (Geauga)
    Painesville (Geauga)
    Perry (Geauga)
    Willoughby (Cuyahoga)
    ...and three of these townships no longer exist:

    1). Kirtland Township was incorporated as Kirtland Village, Kirtland Hills Village and ½ of Waite Hill.

    2). Mentor Township merged with Mentor Village and became Mentor City in 1963.

    3). Willoughby Township was incorporated into Eastlake, Lakeline, Timberlake, ½ of Waite Hill, Wickliffe, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills and Willowick.

    Are you aware of the years that the 18 municipalities in Lake County were incorporated?


    North Perry Village 1924      Eastlake Village 1948
    Painesville Village 1832 Fairport Harbor 1836
    Perry Village 1913 Grand River 1888
    Timberlake Village 1947 Kirtland Village 1968
    Waite Hill 1928 KirtlandHills Village 1926
    Wickliffe 1916 Lakeline Village 1929
    Willoughby Village 1853 Madison Village 1867
    Willoughby Hills Village 1954 Mentor Village 1855
    Willowick Village 1922 Mentor-on-the-Lake Village 1924



    Do you know that when a village reaches a population of 5,000 people, Ohio recognizes them as a city? Nine of the 18 incorporated communities in Lake County reached that population in the following years:

    Eastlake 1951
    Kirtland 1970
    Mentor 1963
    Painesville 1902
    Wickliffe 1951
    Willoughby 1951
    Willoughby Hills 1970
    Willowick 1956