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Lake County, Ohio - Marsh Area Regional Coalition

Marsh Area Regional Coalition Home

    Welcome to Lake County, Ohio - Marsh Area Regional Coalition

    The Marsh Area Regional Coalition (MARC) is a group of government organizations, private conservation groups and individuals dedicated to the preservation and environmentally sound development of the Mentor Marsh and its surrounding environments. The MARC is dedicated to developing and promoting a management plan to protect and enhance the environmental, social and economic assets of the Mentor Marsh Watershed; and related communities, for the benefit of present and future generations. Additionally, the MARC hopes to accomplish its goals through the following: dedicated partnerships ensuring a legacy of diverse ecosystems, fostering economic and social well-being in the Mentor Marsh Watershed and surrounding communities through innovative planning and stewardship. 

    Additionally, the MARC Steering Committee is made up of many diverse interests representing government agencies, land owners, and special interest groups. Among those represented are:

    • Office of Coastal Management ODNR
    • Cleveland Museum of Natural History
    • Lake County Soil and Water District
    • Mentor Public Schools
    • Headlands Beach State Park
    • ODNR _ Div. of Soil and Water Conservation
    • Mentor Marsh Board of Management
    • Village of Fairport Harbor
    • Div. of Parks, Recreation and Public Lands for the City of Mentor
    • Ohio Sea Grant Program
    • Lake County Utilities Department
    • Fairport Harbor Port Authority
    • Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve
    • Lake Metroparks
    • Lake County Planning Commission

    This group acts as the steering committee for the development of a Special Area Management Plan (SAMP) for the Marsh area.