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Lake County, Ohio - Job and Family Services

The Intake Department

    The Intake Department

    Reporter: You call the Child Abuse Hotline...

    You talk to the Intake Screener who gathers the information about your concerns...

    The Intake Screener refers the report to a Supervisor who reviews and decides:

    That the report does not require an assessment and is ‘Screened Out’ or referred to another agency; or

    That the report is ‘Screened In’ to begin an assessment of the report and the case is assigned to an Assessment Worker.

    The report is investigated by an Assessment Worker until one of the following Disposition is reached:

    • Unsubstantiated:  meaning that there is no evidence to support the allegation.
    • Indicated:  meaning that there is some evidence, or credible disclosure but no other evidence.
    • Substantiated:  meaning that the evidence supports the claim of abuse or neglect.

    Then the Case Decision of the report is made by taking one of the following actions:

    • Case closed, no action taken Family is referred to Community Resources.
    • Child not at imminent risk.  Voluntary Protective Services are offered.
    • Child is at risk, agency seeks court ordered Protective Supervision or Custody.  Case is transferred to an Ongoing Social Worker for continued services.