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Lake County, Ohio - GIS

GIS Data Download

Download any of the datasets below by simply clicking on the layer name. If there is a dataset you need but don't see listed please feel free to contact our department by phone or email. All datasets provided below are compressed into .ZIP archives and will need to be extracted after downloading.
Layer Name File Size Creation Date
Parcel Related
Parcels 40MB November 16th, 2017
Subdivision Boundaries 2.2MB March 29th, 2016
Jurisdictions 316KB June 7th, 2016
Tax Districts 350KB September 11th, 2014
School Districts 204KB September 11th, 2014
Tracts 223KB 2000 Conversion
Original Lots 838KB 2000 Conversion
Other Layers
Address Points (LBRS) 8.8MB September 12th, 2016
Building Footprints 19.4MB March 29th, 2016
2 ft. Contours 2000* 417.8MB 2000 Conversion
2 ft. Contours 2016* 1.1GB 2016
10 ft. Contours 52.3MB 2000 Conversion
DFIRM 100 Year Flood Zones 1.6MB 2009
DFIRM 500 Year Flood Zones 1.5MB 2009
Lakes 1.7MB 2000 Conversion
Landmarks (LBRS) 833KB September 9th, 2013
Road Centerlines (LBRS) 3.2MB September 14th, 2016
Railroads 143KB 2000 Conversion
Streams 6.0MB 2000 Conversion
Aerial Photography (MrSID files - 4 sections)
2014 Aerial - East Section* 2.3GB April 2014
2014 Aerial - East Central Section* 1.6GB April 2014
2014 Aerial - West Central Section* 1.8GB April 2014
2014 Aerial - West Section* 1.6GB April 2014
* These are large datasets that may take a considerable amount of time to download.