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     The GIS USERS OF NORTHERN OHIO (GUONO) is an informal group that promotes geographic data sharing, encourages data standardization, and provides a network for the exchange of technical information between all Geographic Information System (GIS) users. Our goals include developing a forum for open discussion of GIS issues and encouraging personal communication between GIS users of all skill levels in the public, private, non-profit and educational sectors.

    The GIS USERS OF NORTHERN OHIO is one of the nation's longest running geospatial user groups. We have been meeting since the early 1990's, roughly six times a year. We gather at a variety of locations. Most often we assemble at the Canalway Center located in the Cleveland Metroparks' Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation. The day of the week is rotated so as to not exclude anyone due to their particular scheduling needs. Our longevity is due in part to the informal structure we ascribe to. No dues, minutes or reservations required. Just show up, sign in and learn.

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    GUONO Meeting March 7th, 2014

    "My Life as a Geodatabase Administrator" - March 7th

    Gregory Carroll, a twenty-two-year veteran of Bechtel Corporation will tell the story of how the worldwide engineering and construction firm has embraced GIS over the past 15 years, and will explain best practices used to manage an enterprise GIS database serving over 100 past and current projects worldwide.  Such practices are vital to maintain data integrity and provide interrupted service to GIS professionals deployed to five continents.  
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    2011 Presentations

    Jan 10City of DublinDownload
    Feb 14OGRIPDownload
    April 6NHD hydroDownload
    June 9Land RecordsDownload
    Aug 25Open SourceDownload
    Oct 20RIA AppsDownload

    2010 Presentations

    Feb 11City of HudsonDownload
    March 10Cleveland MetroparksDownload
    May 21ESRIDownload
    July 12LIDAR collectionDownload
    Oct 22O.G.R.I.P.Download

    2014 Presentations

    March 7Geodatabase Admin.

    2013 Presentations

    Feb. 25thArcGIS OnlineDownload
    May 31Drones for mappingDownload
    Aug 28Subsurface ImagingDownload
    Oct. 28OGRIP ForumDownload

    2012 Presentations

    Feb. 24Redistricting for unfairnessDownload
    April 27CrisisMappers.netDownload
    June 28What's New in ArcGIS 10.1?Download
    Aug. 20Open Source GIS: CartoDB.Download
    Oct. 18thGeo-tagging PhotosDownload
    Dec. 10Commercial Remote SensingDownload

    Below you can explore wikis and crowdsourced  GIS portals and sample maps used in response efforts to major natural disasters.

    GUONO is organized and managed by Richard J. Kotapish, GISP, Director of Lake County GIS.

    To join GUONO or provide feedback, call 440 350-5943 or email

    Canalway Center Meeting Location (resize your window if right frame is blank)