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Lake County, Ohio - Engineer

News Releases

    January 25, 2017


    A traffic and engineering investigation to lower the posted speed limits on Auburn Road between Girdled Road and Concord-Hambden Road and Crile Road between Girdled Road and Auburn Road was conducted by the Lake County Engineer’s Office.
      Under Authority of Section 4511.21 of the Ohio Revised Code, the Ohio Department of Transportation has determined the recommended prima facie speed limits of 35 mph to be reasonable and safe.  The new 35 mph signs lowering the speeds from 45 mph on Auburn Road and 55 mph on Crile Road are being erected today and are effective immediately.

    January 11, 2017

    Due to the increased demand for snow removal on County maintained roads, our policy and procedures for the treatment of the Vrooman Road Bridge between I-90 and SR 84 in Perry/Leroy Township has been re-evaluated this year.  The one lane bridge will be maintained until such time that a storm with a snow fall that exceeds 4 inches occurs.  During intense storms with snow fall exceeding 4 inches, the road will be closed between SR 84 and Seeley Road.  Drivers are asked to please abide by the posted signs and detour around the area as plows will not be clearing this section of roadway until the storm subsides.

    Our goal with this policy is to continue to provide the citizens of Lake County with a safe driving environment and allow us to stretch our reserves for the entire winter season.   It will require county drivers to cooperate during these events.  Please exercise caution and be free of distractions while driving on our roadways during snow and ice conditions.