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Lake County, Ohio - Domestic Relations

Rules & Forms

    Domestic Relations Rules and Forms

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    Rules and Forms

     TitleModified DateSize Clicks
    Domestic Relations Local Rules of Court - Effective 1/1/20151/22/2015440.50 KBDownload3327
    Address Information for Payment Information to CSEA9/26/200886.34 KBDownload4066
    Affidavit of Income Expenses and Property9/26/2008264.63 KBDownload16298
    Affidavit Regarding Parenting Proceeding/Custody Affidavit 12/4/2014180.08 KBDownload2423
    Answer Affidavit 9/26/2008128.02 KBDownload7168
    Case Designation Sheet 9/26/2008123.48 KBDownload9246
    Cash Medical Support Schedule (JFS 05050, Rev. 7/2014)7/14/201414.76 KBDownload0
    Change of Address Form 9/26/200819.17 KBDownload5827
    Child Support Computation Worksheet for Sole Residential Parent or Shared Parenting Order6/18/2012386.44 KBDownload6487
    Child Support Computation Worksheet for Split Parental Rights and Responsibilities6/18/2012406.60 KBDownload5329
    Child Support Deviation Worksheet/Exhibit 2 12/13/201316.95 KBDownload1881
    Child Support Schedule/R.C. 3119.021 12/16/201329.21 KBDownload5558
    Domestic Violence Protection Forms4/6/2012UnknownDownload1924
    Domestic Violence Shelters/Programs4/26/2010UnknownDownload1015
    Entry Restoring Former Name 6/4/200918.39 KBDownload3852
    Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency 11/19/20121.02 MBDownload1922
    Health Care Determinations2/8/201685.42 KBDownload310
    Health Insurance and Expense Order6/18/201246.27 KBDownload7643
    IV-D-Application9/26/2008177.33 KBDownload14216
    Mediation Request For Voluntary Mediation 9/26/200835.27 KBDownload5507
    Motion for Continuance (With JE)4/26/201027.03 KBDownload3019
    Motion for Temporary Residential Parenting Child Spousal Support 9/26/200814.61 KBDownload8629
    Motion to Modify or Terminate Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order or Consent Agreement3/3/2014185.02 KBDownload1813
    Mutual Restraining Order 1/9/200927.21 KBDownload5870
    Order For Collection of Child Support/Exhibit 1 1/3/201118.14 KBDownload3814
    Order to Appear and Show Cause 9/26/200831.97 KBDownload6598
    Order to Post Bond/Order on Obligor/Obligee 9/26/200816.20 KBDownload3156
    Order to Report/Order on Obligor/Obligee9/26/200815.07 KBDownload3852
    Procedure for Obtaining a Digital Copy of Courtroom Recording1/28/201316.96 KBDownload0
    R.C. 3109-051 Order Senate Bill 3 9/26/200814.21 KBDownload7850
    Request for Digital Audio Recording1/28/201317.92 KBDownload0
    Safety plan for Victims of Domestic Violence4/26/2010UnknownDownload1141
    Std Parenting Time Guidelines 9/25/2014194.30 KBDownload2607