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Lake County, Ohio - Domestic Relations

Rules & Forms

    Domestic Relations Rules and Forms

    The forms below are portable document format (PDF) files. To view these documents, you must have Adobe Acrobat® Reader™ installed on your computer. Acrobat Reader is available free from Adobe's official Web site. To download the software, click on Adobe Acrobat® Reader™ and follow the instructions provided.

    For an interactive child support worksheet that you can fill out online, go to When finished, click “Print Full Worksheet.” Bring this worksheet with you to your hearing. 

    Rules and Forms

     TitleModified DateSize Clicks
    Domestic Relations Local Rules of Court - Effective 1/1/20151/22/2015440.50 KBDownload7239
    Address Information for Payment Information to CSEA8/15/201688.87 KBDownload597
    Affidavit of Income Expenses and Property9/26/2008264.63 KBDownload19131
    Affidavit Regarding Parenting Proceeding/Custody Affidavit 12/4/2014180.08 KBDownload4749
    Answer Affidavit 9/26/2008128.02 KBDownload8579
    Case Designation Sheet 9/26/2008123.48 KBDownload11245
    Cash Medical Support Schedule (JFS 05050, Rev. 7/2017)7/19/201792.00 KBDownload0
    Change of Address Form 9/26/200819.17 KBDownload6944
    Child Support Computation Worksheet for Sole Residential Parent or Shared Parenting Order6/18/2012386.44 KBDownload7866
    Child Support Computation Worksheet for Split Parental Rights and Responsibilities6/18/2012406.60 KBDownload6669
    Child Support Deviation Worksheet/Exhibit 2 12/13/201316.95 KBDownload2924
    Child Support Schedule/R.C. 3119.021 12/16/201329.21 KBDownload6506
    Domestic Violence Protection Forms4/6/2012UnknownDownload2937
    Domestic Violence Shelters/Programs4/26/2010UnknownDownload1177
    Entry Restoring Former Name 6/4/200918.39 KBDownload4768
    Financial Disclosure/Affidavit of Indigency 11/19/20121.02 MBDownload2612
    Health Care Determinations6/16/201785.71 KBDownload299
    Health Insurance and Expense Order6/18/201246.27 KBDownload9011
    IV-D-Application9/26/2008177.33 KBDownload16165
    Mediation Request For Voluntary Mediation 9/26/200835.27 KBDownload6742
    Motion for Continuance (With JE)4/26/201027.03 KBDownload3727
    Motion for Temporary Residential Parenting Child Spousal Support 9/26/200814.61 KBDownload10086
    Motion to Modify or Terminate Domestic Violence Civil Protection Order or Consent Agreement3/3/2014185.02 KBDownload2508
    Mutual Restraining Order 1/9/200927.21 KBDownload7142
    Order For Collection of Child Support/Exhibit 1 1/3/201118.14 KBDownload4609
    Order to Appear and Show Cause 9/26/200831.97 KBDownload7770
    Order to Post Bond/Order on Obligor/Obligee 9/26/200816.20 KBDownload3735
    Order to Report/Order on Obligor/Obligee9/26/200815.07 KBDownload4661
    Procedure for Obtaining a Digital Copy of Courtroom Recording1/28/201316.96 KBDownload0
    R.C. 3109-051 Order Senate Bill 3 9/26/200814.21 KBDownload9130
    Request for Digital Audio Recording1/28/201317.92 KBDownload0
    Safety plan for Victims of Domestic Violence4/26/2010UnknownDownload1346
    Std Parenting Time Guidelines 9/25/2014194.30 KBDownload4507