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Lake County, Ohio - Domestic Relations


    Parenting Education

    Education for Divorcing Parents

    For Our Children

    Parents are forever . . .

    Divorce is a very stressful experience for parents and children. Although you may decide to end your marriage, both parents will always need to be part of their children’s lives. You will continue to be a mother and a father for a lifetime.

    This 2 ½ hour educational program will focus on what children need during and after the divorce. The fact that you are getting a divorce is not the most significant factor that affects your children. It is how you will manage the divorce that has the most effect.

    Topics include . . .

    • The Experience of Divorce for Adults:
      Stages of grief and other adjustment concerns.

    • How Children React to Divorce:
      How to tell your children and the effects on them according to age.

    • Building a Parental Relationship With Your Former Spouse After Divorce.

    • How to Avoid Placing Your Child in the Middle of Parental Conflict.

    • Recognizing When Additional Help is Needed and What Community Resources are Available.

    Who must attend . . .

    The Lake County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division, requires that parents with minor children who are parties to a divorce, dissolution, or legal separation action will be directed to attend this educational program.

    Attend within 60 days . . .

    Those parties involved in a divorce or separation are to attend within 60 days after completion of service of the Complaint for Divorce, while parties of a dissolution are to attend within 60 days of the filing of the Petition for Dissolution.

    Registration is Required

    For class schedules and registration, call Ohio State University Extension Office at the following telephone number:


    Each parent is to pre-register. If there is a Civil Protection Order, parents shall attend separate classes. If you do not pre-register, you will not be guaranteed admission to class.

    A certificate of attendance will be given to each participant who completes the entire educational program. A copy of the certificate will be filed with the Court to verify attendance.

    Please do not bring children to the educational program. Child care is not provided.

    NOTE: Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled session to sign in and receive materials. Please bring a pen.