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Lake County, Ohio - Dog Shelter

Lost and Found

If you have found a dog with a current license please call us during business hours at 440-350-2640 (hold through the options). To get a licensed dog home after hours please call the Lake County Sheriff at 440-354-3434 for the owners information.

A log is kept of each incoming dog and includes a description of the where the animal was found - this is updated and sent to our local newspaper each business day.  We record and compare lost and found reports throughout the day to match owners with dogs.   Animal descriptions vary from person to person, collars can come off or be changed or removed, and dogs frequently get rides to other areas, so it is very important that dog owners physically go to local shelters to check if their missing dog is there!  We will provide people with contact numbers for other area shelters, and, in order to assist us with the large number of calls, a computerized answering system is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, on which citizens can place their own lost or found dog information.  We check this system throughout the day in order to reunite owners with their pets.  The Lake County Dog Shelter is also happy to receive this information with photographs via email in order to better make identification possible ... for those with paper fliers, we maintain a bulletin board where lost and found notices can be placed.