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Lake County, Ohio - Commissioners


    Contact Us

    105 MAIN STREET-
    PAINESVILLE, OH  44077

      Jason W. Boyd, County Administrator

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2334

    Fax: (440)350-2672

      Mike Matas, Budget Director

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2368

    Fax: (440)350-2831

      Donna Tyson, Project Coordinator

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2271

    Fax: (440)350-2672

      Stephanie Giblock, Deputy Budget Assistant

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2369

    Fax: (440)350-2831

      Erin Fink Prevailing Wage Coordinator

    Office Phone: (440)350-2770

    Fax: (440)352-8133

      Norma J. Hutchison, Insurance & Workers' Compensation   Coordinator

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2364

    Fax: (440)350-2831

      Jennifer Bell, Clerk

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2751

    Fax: (440)350-2672

      Sarah Ryan, Staff Accountant

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2370

    Fax: (440)350-2831

      Kathleen Russo, Assistant Clerk & Secretary to the Commissioners

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2979

    Fax: (440)350-2672

    Joel DiMare, Director of Administrative Services
    Office Phone: 

    Fax: (440)350-2831

      Natalie Lynce, Administrative Secretary

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2753

    Fax: (440)350-2672

      Lyndsey Formica, Administrative Services Generalist

    Office Phone: (440)-350-5872

    Fax: (440)350-2831


    Alyea Barajas, Senior Services Coordinator
    Office Phone: 

    Fax: (440)350-2831

      Terri Lange, Office Support Specialist

    Office Phone: (440)-350-2798

    Fax: (440)350-2831

      George Luther, Hotel Motel/Tax Coordinator

    Office Phone: (440)-350-5580

    Fax: (440)350-2831