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Lake County, Ohio - Clerk of Court

Maureen G. Kelly - Clerk of Courts


Legal Division Main Line 440.350.2657

Title Division Central 440.350.2800

Title Division West 440.918.3425



    Lake County, Ohio Clerk of Courts Fees

    Deposit Fee Schedule Effective March 24, 2015


    Aid Proceedings $75.00
    Arbitration Appeals $500.00
    Assignment of Judgment $2.00
    Certificate of Judgment for Transfer from our Court $15.00
    Civil (less than 3 defendants)  including Administrative Appeals $190.00
    Civil Complaints - each additional defendant  $20.00
    Clerk's Certificate of Satisfaction on Lien or any case except Tax Lien $5.00
    Cognovits without a lien $140.00
    Cognovits with a lien $155.00
    Foreclosures $500.00
    Foreign Judgments $110.00
    Garnishments (Personal Earnings) $75.00
    Garnishments (Other than Personal Earnings),
    plus $1.00 payable to each bank.
    Prices below reflect the number of banks listed on the exhibit.
    1 to 3 banks $75.00
    4 to 6 banks $130.00
    7 to 10 banks $185.00
    11 to 14 banks $240.00
    15 to 17 banks $295.00
    Over 17 banks See Bookkeeping
    Judgment Liens (from Judgment in this court) $35.00
    Judgment Liens (on Certificate for Lien from other courts) $30.00
    Motions to vacate judgment, new trial, reopen case etc. (civil only) $75.00
    Notices of Appeals to 11th District Court of Appeals (other than Domestic Relations) $150.00
    Writs of Execution $75.00
    Writs of Possession $100.00

    Domestic Relations

    Divorce, Dissolution, Legal Separation with Children $326.00
    Divorce, Dissolution, Legal Separation without Children $306.00
    Annulment with or without Children  $276.00
    Counterclaim (Domestic relations Only) $200.00
    Post Decree Motion for Reallocation, Child Support, or Parenting Time $200.00
    All Other Post Decree Motions $175.00
    Post Decree QDRO and /or DOPO $50.00
    Motion to add new party defenant $20.00
    Motion for third party intervenor  $50.00
    Motion to convert from dissolution to divorce $100.00
    - $-
    ALL Notice of Appeal 11th District Court of Appeals $150.00


    Application for Expungement $100.00
    Certifications (Journal) $1.00
    Certifications (Notary) $2.00
    Copies (per page) $0.10
    Indigent Application Fee (Criminal Cases) $25.00
    Notary Commission (with oath) $6.00
    Notary Commission (without oath) $5.00
    Praecipe for order for sale - foreclosure $1750.00
    Process Server $25.00