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Click the parcel number for more information.Click the case number to view a full legal description.Sales DatePlaintiffDefendantAddressAppraised ValueMortgage ValueStatusSold Value
27-B-055-B-00-124-0 16CF000156 08/22/2016Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Indenture TrusteeNissen, Richard A.968 Cherokee Trail, Willoughby, OH 44094$69,000.00$17,925.86Bank$74,000.00
27-A-023-F-00-009-0 15CF001585 08/22/2016Ditech Financial LLC fka Green Tree Servicing LLCLidle, Geri A.4138 Buckeye Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$111,000.00$150,842.81Private$110,000.00
27-A-026-B-00-017-0 16CF000340 08/22/2016Nationstar Mortgage LLC dba Champion Mortgage of OhioKosmetos, Chris G.4620 River Street, Willoughby, Ohio 44094$138,000.00$325,113.04Canceled 
28-A-045-A-00-041-0 15CF002081 08/22/2016National Credit Union Administration BoardHeadley, Mary aka Blecic, Mary 32228 Glen Arden Drive, Willowick, OH 44095$81,000.00$95,767.55Canceled 
16-B-050-0-00-047-0 16CF000081 08/22/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationJedlinsky, Donald R.8638 Carlton Court, Mentor, OH 44060$60,000.00$106,722.68Canceled 
19-A-091-F-00-149-0 15CF001932 08/22/2016U.S. Bank National Association aka U.S. Bank N.A.Wright, Deborah Marie5696 Davis Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$75,000.00$118,079.37Private$57,000.00
16-D-111-L-00-045-0 14CF000156 08/22/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as TrusteePope, Michael B. 8980 Lake Overlook Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$108,000.00$164,043.15Canceled 
28-A-041-B-00-031-0 16CF000142 08/22/2016Pingora Loan Servicing LLCHoban, Shannon M. aka Kallay, Shannon M.29209 Forestgrove Road, Willowick, OH 44095$90,000.00$119,162.70Bank$60,000.00
34-A-012-B-00-035-0 16CF000358 08/22/2016Federal National Mortgage AssociationWaclawski, David J.1060 Eastlake Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$48,000.00$102,176.44Bank$32,000.00
19-A-091-B-00-058-0 15CF000927 08/22/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Donna Bassett, Individually and as Trustee7702 Twilight Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$171,000.00$51,857.01Canceled 
29-A-004-A-00-071-0 15CF001324 08/22/2016CitiMortgage, Inc.Cagle, William J.29120 Norman Avenue, Wickliffe, OH 44092$84,000.00$108,545.48Canceled 
10-A-025-B-00-005-0 12CF001473 08/22/2016U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeGould, Jason9797 Hoose Road, Concord, OH 44077$156,000.00$256,716.84Canceled 
16-C-070-B-00-023-0 14CF001780 08/22/2016KeyBank National AssociationMauk, Ronald L.7304 Hayes Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060$144,000.00$130,682.70Private$114,500.00
28-A-042-I-00-008-0 15CF001167 08/22/2016The Huntington National BankKovacic, Martha J. **Appraised Value is Minimum Bid per Court Order**280 Woodmere Drive, Willowick, OH 44095$45,334.00$48,828.16Bank$45,334.00
08-A-027-C-00-059-0 13CF002773 08/29/2016Provident Funding Associates, L.P.Hanlin, James E.10608 Castle Pine Circle, Concord, OH 44077$420,000.00$386,376.32Canceled 
05-A-013-A-00-029-0 16CF000074 08/29/2016USDAShumaker, Sarah D.2354 Lakehurst Road, North Perry, Ohio 44081$60,000.00$116,048.86Private$72,100.00
02-A-009-B-00-019-0 15CF001702 08/29/2016USDAPlaunt, Loretta L.50 River Street, Madison, Ohio 44057$60,000.00$116,742.99Private$51,000.00
15-D-014-B-00-003-0 16CF000162 08/29/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Hale, Carol E.311 Chester Street, Painesville, OH 44077$36,000.00$66,359.43Bank$24,000.00
15-C-033-A-01-008-0 15CF002244 08/29/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationManus, W. Bruce399 West Walnut Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$63,000.00$68,740.68Canceled 
15-A-002-0-00-005-0 15CF002103 08/29/2016Nationstar Mortgage LLCHester, Ulis485 Henry Street, Painesville, OH 44077$24,000.00$106,298.16Bank$16,080.00
01-B-129-B-00-061-0 15CF002167 08/29/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Bruton, Brenden J.5646 St. Thomas Lane, Madison, OH 44057$105,000.00$123,181.87Bank$70,000.00
01-A-091-F-00-014-0 01-A-091-F-01-011-0 15CF002186 08/29/2016Deutsche Bnk National Trust Company, as Indenture TrusteeBush, James Lawrence7351 Lake Road, Madison, OH 44057$87,000.00$80,323.92Bank$58,000.00
15-D-006-A-00-016-0 16CF000505 08/29/2016MidFirst BankAlexander, Davine L.140 West Jackson Street, Paineville, OH 44077$42,000.00$56,191.22Canceled 
11-A-011-P-00-045-0 15CF001420 08/29/2016Cambridge Village Condominium Owners' Association, Inc.Krupa, Chris1651 Mentor Avenue, #1003, Painesville, OH 44077$27,000.00$7,499.93Canceled 
11-B-045-C-00-011-0 15CF002132 08/29/2016U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as TrusteeKelly, Tambra A.1650 Sheffield Terrace, Painesville, OH 44077$150,000.00$204,342.20Bank$110,000.00
14-A-019-A-00-002-0 14-A-019-A-00-001-0 15CF000019 08/29/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Kovach, Paul M. Sr.432 East Street, Fairport Harbor, OH 44077$15,000.00$162,379.27Canceled 
08-A-016-G-00-051-0 14CF002224 08/29/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as TrusteeTeal, Harry Vincent6303 Cheryl Drive, Concord, OH 44077$162,000.00$289,202.23Private$144,000.00
35-A-005-A-00-273-0 12CF001941 08/29/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationHutson, Tamara K.1726 Poplar Lane, Painesville, OH 44077$171,000.00$185,560.01Canceled 
34-A-007-D-00-047-0 16CF000191 09/06/2016Wilmington Trust, National AssociationLalich, Nina1361 E. 342 Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$78,000.00$75,999.92Active 
27-A-006-G-00-024-0 15CF001220 09/06/2016Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLCThomas, Cheryl A.5477 Millwood Lane #34-D, Willoughby, OH 44094$60,000.00$82,267.02Active 
16-C-080-M-00-047-0 15CF001353 09/06/2016PNC Bank, National AssociationSalveter, Dianne E.6413 Carter Blvd., Mentor, OH 44060$141,000.00$149,546.24Active 
34-B-027-B-01-002-0 16CF000097 09/06/2016Ditech Financial LLCHughes, Patrick J.38202 Dolores Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$69,000.00$23,025.58Active 
29-B-008-C-00-034-0 16CF000561 09/06/2016Nationwide Advantage Mortgage CompanyLonchar, Kellie L.29124 Elm Avenue, Wickliffe, OH 44092$126,000.00$165,542.72Active 
28-A-043-H-00-041-0 16CF000028 09/06/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationOsborne, Mary B.276 E. 307 Street, Willowick, OH 44095$69,000.00$102,758.53Active 
29-A-002-F-01-039-0 16CF000386 09/06/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Marczewski, Lisa M.29368 Vinewood Drive, Wickliffe, OH 44092$102,000.00$86,949.09Active 
34-A-011-P-00-011-0 15CF001587 09/06/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationCroucher, Donald P.969 E. 348 Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$99,000.00$101,486.54Active 
27-B-056-B-00-048-0; 27-B-056-B-00-047-0 15CF002060 09/06/2016Federal National Mortgage AssociationDodaro, Wendy E.1005 Hayes Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$63,000.00$68,813.48Active 
16-C-080-H-00-003-0 13CF000668 09/06/2016City National BankGides, Mary T.6187 Campbell Road, Mentor, OH 44060$78,000.00$351,106.37Active 
27-B-056-G-00-013-0; 27-B-056-G-00-012-0 13CF002744 09/06/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationDaniels, Jeffrey M., Jr.38313 Lake Shore Blvd., Willoughby, OH 44094$87,000.00$82,011.38Active 
34-A-015-E-00-003-0 14CF001676 09/06/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationRamsey, Michael A.35768 Roberts Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$102,000.00$109,895.24Active 
29-A-002-F-02-071-0 14CF002289 09/06/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.Gamiere-Kavaras, Gina29418 Woodway Drive, Wickliffe, OH 44092$117,000.00$29,445.30Active 
27-B-057-B-00-049-0 15CF000865 09/12/2016U.S. Bank N.A., as TrusteeBarone, Baron K. (Deceased)925 Shadowrow Road, Willoughby, OH 44094$45,000.00$32,838.72Active 
19-A-094-B-00-082-0 19-A-094-B-00-083-0 19-A-094-B-00-084-0 15CF001945 09/12/2016Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeKapes, David G.5423 Pinehill Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$198,000.00$137,585.04Active 
34-B-025-D-00-040-0 12CF001805 09/12/2016Bank of America, N.A.Frasure, Dane230 Courtland Boulevard, Eastlake, OH 44095$96,000.00$97,000.31Active 
20-A-022-A-00-002-0 16CF000528 09/12/2016Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandHarsany, Peter S.10268 Kimberly Drive, Kirtland, OH 44094$138,000.00$116,359.21Active 
28-A-042-C-00-047-0 15CF001919 09/12/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationPetrecca, Liberty241 East 284th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$114,000.00$126,846.41Active 
16-D-111-O-00-050-0 16CF000538 09/12/2016The Bank of New York Mellon, fka The Bank of New York Evitts, Dina L.4907 Brooksdale Road, Mentor, OH 44060$87,000.00$114,353.45Active 
20-A-024-G-00-004-0 20-A-024-G-00-005-0 16CF000457 09/12/2016Federal National Mortgage Association ("Fannie Mae")Miller, Peter P. Jr.7049 Kelsey Court, Kirtland, OH 44094$405,000.00$534,698.19Active 
27-A-024-0-00-019-0 15CF001039 09/12/2016Provident Funding Associates, L.P.Danford, Mark J.38110 Wilson Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$78,000.00$89,643.73Active 
28-A-043-B-00-038-0 16CF000036 09/12/2016Crosscountry Mortgage, Inc.Michael Vurno, aka Michael P. Vurno, Trustee of the Michael Vurno Revocable Trust dated 10/2/2014350 East 315th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$105,000.00$106,449.14Active 
34-A-010-J-00-009-0 15CF000708 09/12/2016Bank of America, N.A.Hill, Michael L.532 Quentin Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$75,000.00$98,758.72Active 
27-A-040-A-00-058-0 16CF000092 09/12/2016Bank of America N.A.Freebird II37485 Bethany Court, Willoughby, OH 44094$195,000.00$196,694.46Canceled 
34-A-041-T-00-022-0 16CF000568 09/12/2016Freedom Mortgage CorporationHaussman, Julie C.34841 Glen Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$90,000.00$128,505.84Active 
28-A-039-B-00-062-0 11CF002289 09/12/2016Bank of America, N.A.Dodd, Shawn F.30209 Thomas Street, Willowick, OH 44095$72,000.00$98,660.13Active 
10-A-026-M-00-031-0 06CF001121 09/12/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank as TrusteeRitchey, Saundra M.9885 Weathersfield Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$147,000.00$240,143.77Active 
01-B-112-A-15-026-0 16CF000011 09/19/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National AssociationBisbee, Donald F. (Deceased)6240 Larkhall Drive, Madison, OH 44057$39,000.00$62,934.17Active 
15-D-016-B-00-004-0 16CF000138 09/19/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National AssociationJournigan, Cheryl A.180 Ridge Lawn Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$39,000.00$53,042.50Canceled 
35-A-010-A-00-107-0 16CF000005 09/19/2016Bank of America, N.A.Campbell, Elicia L.205 South Settlers Lane, Painesville, OH 44077$168,000.00$217,640.15Active 
01-B-112-A-15-087-0 15CF002146 09/19/2016Northwest Savings BankCassell, Kimberly Y.1965 Paisley Road, Madison, OH 44057$81,000.00$74,638.93Active 
01-B-112-A-07-073-0 16CF000500 09/19/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationColison, Joshua H.6030 Kelso Street, Madison, OH 44057$114,000.00$122,250.87Active 
11-A-007-A-00-006-0 15CF000777 09/19/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Hall, Gerald L. (Estate of)822 Liberty Street, Painesville, OH 44077$72,000.00$53,004.55Active 
16-C-079-L-00-022-0 16CF000510 09/19/2016U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeJablonski, Faith A.6472 Southgrove Road, Mentor, OH 44060$114,000.00$117,325.01Active 
16-D-111-U-00-031-0 14CF000729 09/19/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationElmore, Otmer L. Jr.4900 Wake Robin Road, Mentor, OH 44060$63,000.00$87,825.59Active 
16-C-077-A-00-025-0 16CF000453 09/19/2016Ditech Financial LLCGregory, David R.8000 Bellflower Road, Mentor, OH 44060$102,000.00$106,564.21Active 
16-B-058-G-00-013-0 08CF001062 09/19/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Schilero, Anthony J.6740 Rockport Lane, Mentor, OH 44060$195,000.00$117,315.95Active 
01-A-013-0-00-022-0 13CF002284 09/19/2016PNC Bank, National AssociationWhilhelm, Lynda J. aka Hall, Lynda J.3822 Wood Road, Madison, OH 44057$132,000.00$179,740.36Active 
07-A-007-0-00-053-0 14CF000449 09/19/2016Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandMacy, Rita A.6971 Brakeman Road, Painesville, OH 44077$135,000.00$107,082.65Active 
01-B-112-A-19-016-0 14CF001556 09/19/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Serra, Suzanne A.1767 Stonehaven Drive, Madison, OH 44057$102,000.00$143,704.31Active 
16-C-074-M-00-007-0 15CF000089 09/19/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationShukis, Diane L.6804 Kirkwood Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$87,000.00$89,478.42Active 
35-A-007-0-00-001-0 15CF000561 09/19/2016SMS Financial XXVI, LLCBrakeman Properties, LLC **Appriased Value is Minimum Bid per Court Order**1030 Bank Street, Painesville, OH 44077$62,000.00$56,507.95Active 
34-B-025-B-00-014-0 16CF000389 09/26/2016Ditech Financial LLCGladen, Greg154 Plymouth Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$99,000.00$122,654.16Active 
34-B-025-C-00-103-0 16CF000409 09/26/2016FV-I, Inc. in Trust for Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings LLCBall, James E.186 Paxton Road, Eastlake, Ohio 44095$66,000.00$43,735.31Active 
34-B-025-H-05-045-0 15CF001372 09/26/2016Wilmington Trust, National AssociationSalesky, David C.36501 Lakehurst Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$120,000.00$168,804.99Active 
28-A-040-H-03-043-0 15CF000190 09/26/2016Bayridge Condominiun Owners Association, Inc.Simunich, Michael J.31701-C North Marginal Road, Willowick, OH 44095$54,000.00$6,538.09Active 
27-A-016-A-00-040-0 09CF003413 09/26/2016Willoughby Commons Condominium Unit Owners' AssociationSpitalieri, Trisha A.37302 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$57,000.00$86,591.46Active 
29-B-009-D-00-045-0 16CF000433 09/26/2016Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandAbramczyk, David J.28826 Alton Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$63,000.00$75,916.00Active 
10-A-028-E-00-013-0 15CF002212 09/26/2016Bank of New York Mellon fka The Bank of New York, as TrusteeGaiser, Frederick J.7315 Dawn Place, Mentor, OH 44060$150,000.00$155,364.05Active 
27-A-018-D-00-017-0 14CF001235 09/26/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationDiNero, Jennifer Michelle4863 Waldamere Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$201,000.00$241,989.39Active 
16-D-111-P-00-008-0 15CF001730 09/26/2016CitiMortgage, Inc.Rafalke, Ryan T.4983 Glenn Lodge Road, Mentor, OH 44060$60,000.00$86,988.50Active 
34-B-025-H-10-069-0 15CF002052 09/26/2016National Credit Union Administration BoardCeccardi, Daniel457 East Overlook Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$120,000.00$171,900.23Active 
16-C-081-B-00-041-0 16-C-081-B-00-040-0 12CF000426 09/26/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Sokolowski, Anthony D.6323 Brooks Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060$99,000.00$131,454.78Active 
34-A-010-A-00-018-0 15CF000584 09/26/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National AssociationSteinmetz, Denise A.33586 Willowick Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$66,000.00$92,026.01Active 
11-A-016-B-00-027-0 15CF002187 10/03/2016Osair, Inc.Black Bear Realty, Ltd.1392 West Jackson Street, Painesville, OH 44077$45,000.00$150,000.00Active 
15-B-015-0-00-006-0 16CF000230 10/03/2016HSBC Bank USA, National Association as TrusteeWhitely, Roberta M.659 South State Street, Painesville, OH 44077$60,000.00$64,434.45Active 
01-B-124-0-00-006-0 16CF000361 10/03/2016FirstMerit Bank, N.A.Rascan, John M.5349 Lockwood Road, Madison, OH 44057$60,000.00$74,694.91Active 
14-A-012-0-00-022-0 15CF001472 10/03/2016SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.Breach, Douglas M.531 High Street, Fairport Harbor, OH 44077$78,000.00$87,223.64Active 
07-A-016-A-00-008-0 16CF000464 10/03/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationBohnsack, Heidi S.6620 Vrooman Road, Leroy, OH 44077$135,000.00$133,559.62Active 
11-B-035-G-00-128-0 16CF000236 10/03/2016Ally Bank fka GMAC BankSchofield, Richard J. II710 North Creek Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$111,000.00$128,724.57Active 
15-A-008-A-00-001-0 16CF000520 10/03/2016HSBC Bank USA, N.A., as Indenture TrusteeBrucken, Donna609 East Erie Street, Painesville, OH 44077$48,000.00$40,637.20Active 
15-D-021-B-00-015-0 16CF000239 10/03/2016HSBC Bank USA, N.A., as TrusteeMcFadden, Jodi A.876 Skinner Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$99,000.00$183,075.79Active 
01-B-125-0-00-019-0 15CF001287 10/03/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Wolf, Joseph J.2684 Haines Rad, Madison, OH 44057$84,000.00$53,067.97Active 
01-B-130-J-00-026-0 16CF000455 10/03/2016Bank of America, N.A.Bohar, Linda J.1901 Haines Road, Madison, OH 44057$150,000.00$157,937.31Active 
01-A-073-0-00-011-0 01-A-073-0-00-012-0 08CF000638 10/03/2016Nieghborhood Development Services, Inc.Hayes, Michael B.7220 South Ridge Road, Madison, OH 44057$60,000.00$115,725.62Active 
01-B-112-A-18-030-0 14CF002239 10/03/2016Century Federal Credit UnionJohnson, Jessica1826 Red Bird Road, Madison, OH 44057$72,000.00$59,660.42Active 
28-A-042-J-00-076-0 15CF000818 10/03/2016U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation TrustNovich, Anthony George28642 Forest Road, Willowick, OH 44095$111,000.00$116,202.67Active 
16-A-021-J-00-069-0 10CF001803 10/03/2016The Huntington National BankStyles, Terry W.7735 Tea Rose Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$129,000.00$185,187.96Active 
34-A-010-C-00-006-0 07CF000825 10/03/2016Chase Home Finance LLCTarasovich, David J. Sr.1091 Waverly Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$87,000.00$127,911.33Active