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Click the parcel number for more information.Click the case number to view a full legal description.Sales DatePlaintiffDefendantAddressAppraised ValueMortgage ValueStatusSold Value
11-A-011-P-00-010-0 15CF001185 05/02/2016Green Tree Servicing LLCMononen, Genevieve1651 Mentor Avenue, #704, Painesville, OH 44077$24,000.00$5,348.30Private$21,000.00
11-A-024-C-01-008-0 15CF001426 05/02/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationPaugh, Gregory1595 Trotter Lane, Concord, OH 44077$93,000.00$112,069.85Canceled 
11-A-021-D-00-001-0 15CF000737 05/02/2016PHH Mortgage CorporationKoszewski, Marion A.959 Madison Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$51,000.00$54,985.49Bank$34,000.00
10-A-028-A-00-032-0 13CF000830 05/02/2016Lake County TreasurerEbbert, Vivian L.9912 Knollwood Road, Concord, OH 44077$87,000.00$141,952.88Bank - Deft$70,000.00
15-C-022-0-00-034-0 15-C-022-0-00-035-0 15CF001215 05/02/2016The Huntington National BankPizzuto, Sam497 Reed Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$45,000.00$77,163.39Bank$30,000.00
11-A-015-B-00-021-0 15CF000855 05/02/2016Stonegate Mortgage Corp.Cardina, David (Deceased)40 South Doan Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$75,000.00$121,783.13Bank$78,570.00
02-A-010-C-01-043-0 15CF000519 05/02/2016U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeCornell, Stacey A.161 East Parkway Boulevard, Madison, OH 44057$72,000.00$114,473.12Bank$48,000.00
08-A-016-G-00-007-0 15CF001443 05/02/2016Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyKrauss, Matthew R.6206 Cheryl Drive, Concord, OH 44077$147,000.00$113,093.15Canceled 
14-A-021-0-00-001-0 15CF000168 05/02/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust CompanyBauer, Robert F.532 New Street, Fairport Harbor, OH 44077$63,000.00$96,810.98Bank$42,000.00
08-A-014-A-00-065-0 15CF000552 05/02/2016Hampton Bay Condominium Unit Owners Association, Inc.Heim, Leonard J. Jr. (Co-Trustee)7034 Rushmore Way, Concord, OH 44077$108,000.00$149,145.99Bank-Deft$98,000.00
28-A-039-M-03-006-0 15CF000170 05/02/2016The Bank of New York MellonHouser, Charles G.857 Bayridge Boulevard, Willowick, OH 44095$108,000.00$126,379.65Bank$72,000.00
10-A-025-B-00-005-0 12CF001473 05/02/2016U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeGould, Jason9797 Hoose Road, Concord, OH 44060$153,000.00$256,716.84Canceled 
01-A-080-A-00-013-0 01-A-080-A-00-012-0 15CF001416 05/02/2016The Bank of New York MellonMcLaughlin, John R.2605 Dock Road, Madison, OH 44057$66,000.00$79,315.82Bank$44,000.00
15-B-018-0-00-020-0 15CF000477 05/02/2016Bayview Loan Servicing LLCManley, Thomas R. (Estate of)172 Casement Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$48,000.00$49,039.38Bank$32,000.00
15-C-009-B-00-009-0 15CF001706 05/02/2016Citizens Bank, N.A., etc.Burke, Janice L.298 West Walnut Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$60,000.00$56,512.92Bank$46,000.00
34-B-024-L-00-001-0 15CF001721 05/09/2016CitiMortgage, Inc.Custer, John R.216 Bayshore Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$108,000.00$130,094.51Active 
27-B-056-B-00-040-0 15CF000053 05/09/2016U.S. Bank National Assocition, as TrusteeCalhoun, Taimi967 Hayes Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$60,000.00$86,462.71Active 
31-A-005-D-00-009-0 14CF000212 05/09/2016M & T BankBozickovich, Nicholas M.3020 Rockefeller Road, Willoughby Hills, OH 44092$120,000.00$144,381.65Active 
27-A-024-0-00-025-0 14CF002080 05/09/2016Third Federal Savings & Loan Association of ClevelandBailey, Audrey M.4428 Center Street, Willoughby, OH 44094$72,000.00$30,642.64Active 
28-A-041-A-00-003-0 14CF001400 05/09/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as TrusteeCaldwell, Eric J.28968 Barjode Road, Willowick, OH 44095$87,000.00$179,424.30Active 
01-B-112-A-19-016-0 14CF001556 05/09/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Serra, Suzanne A.1767 Stonehaven Drive, Madison, OH 44057$102,000.00$143,704.31Canceled 
29-A-002-F-02-071-0 14CF002289 05/09/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.Gamiere-Kavaras, Gina aka Regina29418 Woodway Drive, Wickliffe, OH 44092$117,000.00$29,445.30Canceled 
29-B-005-G-01-044-0 11CF000889 05/09/2016CitiMortgage, Inc.Eddy-McLeod, Misty R.1850 Empire Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$123,000.00$134,843.33Active 
01-B-115-F-00-013-0 11CF002575 05/09/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationStaley, Kevin T.1540 Hazel Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$66,000.00$159,833.86Canceled 
34-A-002-D-00-006-0 15CF001769 05/09/2016ankers Guarantee Title & Trust CompanyDerbyshire, Chad33565 Morris Avenue, Eastlake, OH 44095$84,000.00$83,443.90Active 
27-A-018-J-00-002-0 14CF002451 05/09/2016Bank of America, N.A.Hull, Louis E.37604 Euclid Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$144,000.00$163,570.97Active 
19-A-089-J-00-001-0 15CF001036 05/09/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.Barthel, Ted7390 Dahlia Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$69,000.00$77,079.18Active 
28-A-039-F-00-013-0 14CF001767 05/09/2016Green Tree Servicing LLCKessler, Brian J.497 East 305th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$87,000.00$95,564.64Active 
28-A-042-E-00-053-0 645-06-036 Cuyahoga Co 15CF000473 05/09/2016Bank of America, N.A.Bender, Paul118 East 284th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$105,000.00$116,124.80Active 
34-A-010-B-00-092-0 15CF001056 05/09/2016OneWest Bank N.A.Konnerth, Sally J. (Unknown Heirs)1047 Quentin Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$87,000.00$123,587.41Active 
15-A-026-0-00-039-0 14CF002137 05/16/2016U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeMilliff, Robert K.1051 North State Street, Painesville, OH 44077$57,000.00$82,689.23Active 
08-A-019-0-00-017-0 15CF000051 05/16/2016Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyLaganke, Ryan J.7346 Pinehill Road, Painesville, OH 44077$273,000.00$204,249.96Active 
33-A-001-0-00-019-0 14CF001854 05/16/2016Bank of New York Mellon, fka Bank of New York as TrusteeWright, Dale E.27 Minnewawa Drive, Timberlake, OH 44095$276,000.00$486,093.04Active 
29-B-003-M-04-019-0 15CF000563 05/16/2016Fifth Third BankCosta, Lynn M. (Unknown Heirs)30260 Twin Lakes Drive, Wickliffe, OH 44092$84,000.00$22,314.84Active 
20-A-030-C-00-003-0 10CF000946 05/16/2016PEF Federal Credit UnionZadd, Stephen J.8700 Palomino Trail, Kirtland, OH 44094$270,000.00$230,199.03Active 
29-B-006-F-01-002-0 15CF000238 05/16/2016Citizens Bank, N.A., etc.The Estate of Paul J. Yanos **Appraised Value is Minimum Bid per Court Order**30240 Ridge Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$53,123.00$54,229.51Active 
15-C-029-A-00-009-0 15CF000830 05/16/2016U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as TrusteeHaynes, Mary E.194 West Eagle Street, Painesville, OH 44077$36,000.00$31,272.58Active 
03-A-019-A-00-012-0 15CF000990 05/16/2016Wilmingtn Trust, National AssociationMicsky, Mark J.3291 New York Avenue, Perry, OH 44081$99,000.00$138,833.54Active 
08-A-003-0-00-021-0 15CF001117 05/16/2016USDAHawkins, Richard C.12081 Girdled Road, Painesville, OH 44077$150,000.00$177,504.80Active 
03-A-043-A-00-005-0 15CF001240 05/16/2016Residential Credit Solutions, Inc.Crawford, Kenneth4490 Maple Street, Perry, OH 44081$42,000.00$94,109.67Active 
11-B-043-E-00-029-0 15CF001549 05/16/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationBever, Harold D.27 Kenilworth Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$102,000.00$99,628.89Active 
15-A-025-0-00-010-0 15CF001336 05/16/2016U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as TrusteePryor, Cynthia R.861 North State Street, Painesville, OH 44077$66,000.00$108,443.20Active 
15-C-035-B-01-012-0 15CF002004 05/16/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, National AssociationMuehl, Gary A. Jr.500 Cedarbrook Drive, Painesvillle, OH 44077$66,000.00$93,696.13Active 
11-B-041-G-03-043-0 15CF000414 05/16/2016Bank of America, N.A.Griggs, Angela862 Maplewood Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$39,000.00$63,090.24Active 
16-C-080-N-00-057-0 15CF001817 05/23/2016Citizens Bank, N.A., etc.Dudash, William C.7377 Willow Run Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$75,000.00$76,306.11Active 
27-A-007-R-00-036-0 15CF001834 05/23/2016U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as TrusteeHemmi, Michelle5297 Karen Isle Drive, Willoughby, OH 44094$138,000.00$128,206.50Active 
28-A-043-G-00-065-0 15CF001179 05/23/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationRansom, John M.32001 Pendley Road, Willowick, OH 44095$105,000.00$127,664.91Active 
29-B-003-I-00-065-0 15CF001858 05/23/2016Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLCGordon, John1564 Douglas Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$84,000.00$89,643.31Active 
34-A-010-A-00-018-0 15CF000584 05/23/2016Bank of New York Mellon Trust CompanySteinmetz, Denise A. and Steinmetz, Steven J.33586 Willowick Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$72,000.00$92,026.01Active 
28-A-041-J-00-016-0 15CF001063 05/23/2016Bank of America, National AssociationWatson, Catherine Ann and Watson, Michael D.358 Clarmont Road, Willowick, OH 44095$114,000.00$104,942.26Active 
31-A-008-E-00-005-0 11CF002001 05/23/2016Bank of America, N.A.Andolsek, Yolanda29236 Eddy Road, Willoughby Hills, OH 44092$150,000.00$77,972.50Active 
34-A-010-G-00-035-0 15CF001489 05/23/2016PennyMac Holdings, LLCGardjulis, Robert J.721 East 332nd Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$129,000.0$128,457.37Active 
28-A-043-S-00-011-0 15CF001761 05/23/2016Ventures Trust 2013-I-H-R by MCM Capital Partners, LLC, its TrusteeMlakar, Joseph30417 Lakeshore Boulevard, Willowick, OH 44095$249,000.00$224,202.76Active 
16-A-004-C-00-034-0 15CF000612 05/23/2016Fairfax Manor Condominium Unit Owners Association, Inc.Stanic, Nada (Estate of)7970 Mentor Avenue, #D-10, Mentor, OH 44060$54,000.00$95,722.78Active 
16-D-099-A-00-019-0 15CF001290 05/23/2016Bank of New York Mellon Trust CompanyGray, Charles J.5615 Grove Avenue, Mentor, OH 44060$108,000.00$125,390.47Active 
28-A-044-D-00-006-0 08CF003983 05/23/2016Bank of America, N.A.Capra, Pasquale31925 Lake Shore Boulevard, Willowick, OH 44095$288,000.00$350,636.04Active 
27-A-023-C-00-038-0 14CF002077 05/23/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Calhoun, John M.4306 Orchard Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$129,000.00$135,850.95Active 
01-B-099-0-00-010-0 14CF002271 05/23/2016Northwest Savings BankQuirk, Jeffrery L.2440 Bennett Road, Madison, OH 44057$123,000.00$40,713.06Active 
28-A-039-B-00-062-0 11CF002289 05/23/2016Bank of America, N.A.Dodd, Shawn F.30209 Thomas Street, Willowick, OH 44095$75,000.00$98,660.13Active 
03-A-062-0-00-005-0 12CF000570 05/23/2016KeyBank National AssociationOzinga, Douglas T. (Deceased) **Appraised Value is Minimum Bid Per Court Order**4583 South Ridge Road, Perry, OH 44081$40,000.00$29,857.94Active 
29-A-002-O-00-015-0 15CF001625 05/23/2016Nationstar Mortgage LLCOwen, Steven R. (Estate of)830 WordenRoad, Wickliffe, OH 44092$123,000.00$110,868.99Active 
01-B-115-C-00-107-0 01-B-115-C-00-108-0 15CF001571 05/31/2016U.S. Bank Natinal AssociationHillyer, Jerry L. II1493 Lake View Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$108,000.00$125,069.86Active 
15-B-010-0-00-004-0 15CF001227 05/31/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationStepp, Sherry D.144 East Walnut Street, Painesville, OH 44077$45,000.00$93,213.62Active 
15-B-005-0-00-024-0 15CF000844 05/31/2016Branch Banking and Trust CompanyMills, Cynthia J.103 Lusard Street, Painesville, OH 44077$51,000.00$110,627.17Active 
11-A-022-A-00-021-0 15CF001011 05/31/2016KeyBank National AssociationBlakeslee, Thomas R.44 Grove Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$42,000.00$20,031.10Active 
11-A-024-A-00-029-0 15CF001528 05/31/2016U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeWinters, Michael J.270 Park Road, Painesville, OH 44077$72,000.00$113,447.39Active 
03-A-005-D-00-002-0 15CF001547 05/31/2016USDARicketts, Tonya M.4469 Redwood Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$105,000.00$149,092.57Active 
11-A-025-K-00-005-0 14CF001305 05/31/2016Federal Home Loan Mortgage CorporationBush, Scott A.118 Honey Locust Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$150,000.00$56,313.06Active 
07-A-006-A-00-025-0 14CF002363 05/31/2016Wells Fargo Bank, NADavison, Linda Lee14125 Painesville Warren Road, Painesville, OH 44077$99,000.00$103,499.29Active 
29-B-007-D-00-096-0 15CF000085 05/31/2016Reverse Mortage Solutions, Inc.Carter, Earnest (Deceased)1733 Robindale Street, Wickliffe, OH 44092$96,000.00$61,921.78Active 
34-A-010-C-00-006-0 07CF000825 05/31/2016Chase Home Finance, LLCTarasovich, David J. Sr.1091 Waverly Road, Eastake, OH 44095$87,000.00$127,911.33Canceled 
15-C-009-A-00-016-0 15CF002174 05/31/2016FirstMerit Mortgage CorporationQuirke, James P.272 Wickland Street, Painesville, OH 44077$39,000.00$69,982.27Active 
15-C-036-F-00-005-0 15CF001221 05/31/2016U.S. Bank N.A., as TrusteeSmith, Julie1153 Crescent Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$69,000.00$97,324.39Active 
04-A-045-E-00-005-0 15CF001411 05/31/2016U.S. Bank National AssociationSasala, Lisa A.3995 Mallard Bay, Unit 18, Perry, OH 44081$102,000.00$97,830.76Active 
35-A-010-A-00-146-0 15CF001595 05/31/2016Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Toney, Ashley aka Sutton, Ashley582 North Settlers Lane, Painesville, OH 44077$150,000.00$158,799.60Active 
15-D-009-0-00-023-0 15CF001921 05/31/2016The Huntington National BankSchnittger, Robert K.69 Nebraska Street, Painesville, OH 44077$60,000.00$42,849.32Canceled 
08-A-014-A-00-033-0 15CF001624 05/31/2016The Middlefield Banking CompanyOwens, Thomas B.7005 Woodthrush Drive, Unit A-5, Concord, OH 44077$81,000.00$82,627.53Active 
07-A-028-0-00-002-0 07-A-028-0-00-001-0 13CF002130 05/31/2016Al Kriss, et alSherer, Leonard J.14590 Balch Road, Madison, OH 44057$225,000.00$102,298.92Active 
16-C-084-K-00-279-0 16-C-084-K-00-296-0 15CF001923 06/06/2016Wells Fargo BankWalko, Albert R. Jr (Unknown Heirs)6400 Center St, #99, Mentor OH$75,000.00$74,922.86Active 
27-B-057-C-00-017-0 27-B-057-C-00-018-0 13CF000792 06/06/2016RWLS IV HoldingsMusgrave, Daniel1081 Peach St., Willoughby Oh$42,000.00$82,808.89Active 
34-A-011-H-00-016-0 15CF001356 06/06/2016Nationstar Mortgage LLCSetler, Gary1295 Jakse Drive, Eastlake Oh$72,000.00$77,479.61Active 
16-C-079-A-00-030-0 16-C-079-A-00-031-0 15CF001598 06/06/2016DLJ Mortgage Capital, IncPeterson, Jason6435 Iroquois Trail, Mentor Oh$87,000.00$148,843.57Active 
16-C-077-A-00-042-0 11CF002933 06/06/2016Deutsche Bank National TrustBakanas, Edward8048 Edgewood Road, Mentor Oh$114,000.00$123,277.05Active 
34-B-025-D-00-005-0 08CF000713 06/06/2016Bank of New YorkGalletti, Alicia M.240 Plymouth Dr., Eastlake, Oh$51,000.00$87,172.09Active 
16-C-087-F-00-009-0 15CF000169 06/06/2016Bank of AmericaDunn, Bryan D.6128 Norwood Dr., Mentor Oh$159,000.00$220,029.88Canceled 
34-B-025-G-00-071-0 15CF000044 06/06/2016US Bank National AssociationKati, Mark D.211 Kenyon Rd., Eastlake, Oh$84,000.00$92,376.54Active 
27-B-057-0-00-043-0 15CF001972 06/06/2016Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyGordon, Joel832 Cherokee Trail, Willougby, OH 44094$48,000.00$90,318.99Active 
31-A-010-E-01-006-0 15CF001255 06/06/2016Christiana TrustHubbell, Arthur36951 Eagle Road, Willoughby Hills, OH$162,000.00$266,180.30Active 
34-A-002-H-00-024-0 15CF001269 06/06/2016One West Bank, N.A.Irvine, Glenda M.32868 Barbara Drive, Eastlake, OH$78,000.00$123,289.61Active 
27-B-056-B-00-043-0 15CF001534 06/06/2016US Bank National AssociationKey, Katerine N.975 Hayes Ave., Willoughby, OH$105,000.00$109,471.37Active 
19-A-088-A-00-016-0 15CF001974 06/06/2016US Bank National AssociationDallos, Dianne6074 Seminole St., Mentor on the Lake, Oh$63,000.00$57,840.73Active 
16-D-111-J-00-009-0 15CF001398 06/13/2016Dollar Bank, FSBKalifoot, Richard A.5072 Belle Meadow Road, Mentor, OH 44060$75,000.00$89,810.39Active 
29-B-003-M-05-010-X 15CF001916 06/13/2016Third Federal Savings and Loan Associaiton of ClevelandRoth, Susan Irene1611 Ridgewick Drive, #140, Wickliffe, OH 44092$33,000.00$39,182.13Active 
28-A-044-F-00-029-0 15CF002027 06/13/2016FirstMerit Mortgage CorporationBuynocki, John J. Jr.153 East 316th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$48,000.00$35,657.19Active 
34-A-010-F-00-079-0 16CF000056 06/13/2016Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyMizer, Alice J.967 East 331st Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$69,000.00$74,139.11Active 
19-A-091-F-00-148-0 15CF001627 06/13/2016Detusche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeKittleson, Mark R.5700 Davis Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$72,000.00$71,583.17Active 
28-A-039-L-02-050-0 15CF000008 06/13/2016The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, N.A.Kovatch, Michelle802 Charles Street, Willowick, OH 44095$105,000.00$86,551.33Active 
20-A-006-L-00-019-0 15CF001973 06/13/2016Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLCTarase, John L.8252 Kirtland Chardon Road, Kirtland, OH 44094$150,000.00$174,620.76Active 
29-A-001-G-00-020-0 15CF001410 06/13/2016Third Federal Savings and Loan Associaion of ClevelandSims, Marvin D.30021 Truman Avenue, Wickliffe, OH 44092$102,000.00$128,044.07Active 
16-D-115-G-00-003-0 13CF002260 06/13/2016Geauga Savings BankGeorge, Michael5469 Wixford Lane, Mentor, OH 44060$258,000.00$239,248.87Active 
28-A-045-F-00-093-0 14CF002185 06/13/2016HSBC Bank USA, N.A., as TrusteeBencivenni, Valendion P.325 East 326th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$102,000.00$84,234.91Active 
Click Case Number for List of Parcel Numbers 11CF001641 06/13/2016FirstMerit Bank, N.A.Shepherd's Properties, LLCClick Case Number for List of Property Addresses$720,000.00$2,000,000.00Active 
34-B-025-H-06-050-0 10CF001448 06/13/2016PNC Bank, N.A.Naples, Edward S.239 St. Lawrence Boulevard, Eastlake, OH 44095$126,000.00$139,793.76Active 
15-C-033-G-00-006-0 13CF001598 06/13/2016JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationStratman, Aaron A.331 Trailwood Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$90,000.00$143,453.93Active 
28-A-040-H-03-027-0 11CF002544 06/13/2016The Huntington National BankPerish, Donald P. Jr. **Minimum Bid is Appraised Value per Court Order**31632-C North Marginal Road, Willowick, OH 44095$17,334.00$38,872.19Active