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Click the parcel number for more information.Click the case number to view a full legal description.Sales DatePlaintiffDefendantAddressAppraised ValueMortgage ValueStatusSold Value
28-A-045-I-00-128-0 13CF002556 07/14/2014Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandKrapovich, John F.407 East 328th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$90,000.00$93,747.66Bank$60,000.00
34-A-011-B-00-022-0 13CF002237 07/14/2014Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyHinchman Vienna, Linda A.1013 East 349th Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$72,000.00$63,474.84Bank$48,000.00
28-A-039-G-00-022-0 13CF002172 07/14/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Tompkins, Daniel C.30014 Mildred Drive, Willowick, Ohio 44095$108,000.00$118,677.77Bank$72,000.00
34-A-014-F-00-034-0 13CF001995 07/14/2014Beneficial Financial I Inc.Belt, Dennis L.34031 Victor Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$84,000.00$107,125.80Bank$56,000.00
27-A-006-E-00-038-0 13CF002622 07/14/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Kapela, Adrianne L.5520-B Bretton Court, Willoughby, OH 44094$72,000.00$88,686.14Bank$48,000.00
29-B-008-B-00-025-0 13CF002332 07/14/2014U.S. Bank, National Association, as Successor TrusteeGrimes, Cornell A.1835 Maple Street, Wickliffe, OH 44092$81,000.00$144,521.44Canceled 
34-A-014-H-00-005-0 13CF002587 07/14/2014Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLCCollins, Shirley A.34122 Waldmer Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$51,000.00$46,910.26Bank$34,000.00
28-A-043-G-00-018-0 13CF002562 07/14/2014U.S. Bank, National Association aka U.S. Bank N.A.Helber, Jessica Marie32317 Dickerson Road, Willowick, OH 44095$105,000.00$126,768.93Canceled 
28-A-039-B-00-056-0 13CF001963 07/14/2014U.S. Bank National AssociationMercado, Freddy A.30309 Thomas Street, Willowick, OH 44095$96,000.00$101,928.76Canceled 
34-B-025-H-03-010-0 13CF002794 07/14/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Minaschek, Gunther L. (Estate of)141 East Overlook Drive, Eastlake, Ohio 44095$81,000.00$85,000.00Canceled 
29-B-003-J-00-036-0 13CF002138 07/14/2014Nationstar Mortgage LLCJacobberger, William P.1685 Mapledale Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$63,000.00$67,891.68Bank$42,210.00
34-A-010-B-00-083-0 13CF001207 07/14/2014U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as TrusteeTaylor, Jason R. 947 Quentin Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$81,000.00$73,194.11Bank$54,000.00
34-A-007-A-00-044-0 13CF001961 07/14/2014Nationstar Mortgage LLCFleming, Tanya and Fleming, William1277 Hulett Avenue, Eastlake, OH 44095$75,000.00$82,349.39Canceled 
34-A-007-A-00-101-0 13CF002742 07/14/2014Bank of America, N.A.Adjulovic, Zlata and Lazar, Brad A.1273 East 340th Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$135,000.00$151,808.80Bank$90,000.00
20-A-031-B-00-029-0 20-A-031-B-00-030-0 12CF001606 07/14/2014The Bank of New York MellonSimon, John A.10442 Gaitside Tail, Kirtland, OH 44094$600,000.00$787,330.29Canceled 
27-A-032-G-00-044-0 12CF001163 07/14/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank,N.A.Guyett, David S.38841 Willodale, Willoughby, OH 44094$114,000.00$155,179.38Canceled 
34-B-024-C-00-085-0 10CF000435 07/14/2014BAC Home Loans Servicing, LPBaher, Thomas J.257 Parkway Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$90,000.00$118,474.11Canceled 
34-B-023-C-00-021-0 13CF000308 07/14/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Lackey, John G. (Estate of)35699 Galalina Boulevard, Eastlake, OH 44095$117,000.00$83,578.35Canceled 
11-B-061-B-00-001-0 12CF003233 07/14/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Snyder, Steven C. Jr.273 Newell Street, Painesville, OH 44077$72,000.00$138,999.20Bank$48,000.00
16-D-099-B-00-007-0 16-D-099-B-00-008-0 16-D-099-B-00-009-0 10CF000103 07/14/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Eggleston, Roger5575 Green Oak Avenue, Mentor, OH 44060$90,000.00$44,149.42Canceled 
19-A-089-F-00-017-0 13CF001880 07/14/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationBall, Charles L. Jr.7422 Salida Road, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$135,000.00$22,891.06Canceled 
27-A-024-0-00-030-0 13CF000674 07/14/2014U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeSteinmetz, John4462 Center Street, Willoughby, OH 44094$159,000.00$254,122.68Bank$140,000.00
34-B-025-H-11-010-0 13CF001091 07/14/2014Century Federal Credit UnionChasko, Rebecca aka Chasko, Becky390 Waterbury Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$126,000.00$92,346.82Private$84,000.00
29-A-001-E-00-007-0 12CF002748 07/14/2014Residential Credit Solutions, IncEthan, Debra A.30303 Regent Park, Wickliffe, OH 44092$78,000.00$104,495.18Canceled 
34-B-025-J-00-004-0 12CF001109 07/14/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeShumaker, Paul37135 Lake Shore Boulevard, Eastlake, OH 44095$78,000.00$73,406.26Canceled 
34-B-025-H-02-041-0 12CF002095 07/14/2014CitiMortgage, Inc.Cortnick, Pat L.147 Erieview Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$99,000.00$140,988.61No Bid, No Sale 
28-A-039-F-00-001-0 11CF003435 07/14/2014Keybank National AssociationScholti, Daniel30723 Willowick Drive, Willowick, OH 44095$87,000.00$90,689.71No Bid, No Sale 
28-A-039-M-00-032-0 11CF003347 07/14/2014Bank of America, N.A.Wogenstahl, Kurt G. 848 Deborah Drive, Willowick, OH 44095$111,000.00$71,195.80Canceled 
16-A-027-C-00-008-0 12CF002496 07/14/2014Bank of America, N.A.Connection International, Inc.7085 Sandbridge Court, Mentor, OH 44060$312,000.00$371.557.01Bank$345,000.00
11-B-036-B-00-008-0 11-B-036-B-00-009-0 13CF001302 07/21/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association Langhoff, Gary L. 730 Retford Parkway, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $243,000.00$257,038.79Canceled 
01-B-112-A-18-050-0 13CF002515 07/21/2014U.S. Bank, N.A.Stevens, Daniel M.1840 Stirling Road, Madison, OH 44057$78,000.00$100,055.05Canceled 
15-B-010-0-00-023-0 15-B-010-0-00-024-0 14CF000130 07/21/2014Green Tree Servicing, LLCMartinez, Ricardo490 Hoyt Street, Painesville, OH 44077$66,000.00$82,492.15Bank$44,000.00
03-A-004-A-00-015-0 11-B-033-A-00-038-0 14CF000405 07/21/2014PNC Bank, National AssociationScheuer, David A.600 Mogan Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$189,000.00$108,868.82Canceled 
16-C-079-B-00-117-0 16-C-079-B-00-116-0 13CF002496 07/21/2014U.S. Bank National Association Suttie, Carrie S. 6519 Seminole Trail, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $96,000.00$93,513.13Bank$64,000.00
08-A-026-L-00-003-0 08CF003350 07/21/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, etc. Scamahorn, Carolyn 10284 Hoose Road, Concord 44060 $186,000.00 $182,607.33Bank$124,000.00
16-D-111-X-00-023-0 13CF001801 07/21/2014Residential Credit Solutions, Inc. Pearce, Charles R. 5081 Forest Road, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $78,000.00$105,078.35Bank$95,400.00
16-B-046-0-00-005-0 13CF002595 07/21/2014Nationstar Mortgage LLC, etc. Reichert, Scott as possible Heir to the estate of Reichert, Susan and Reichert, Leon 7295 Hart Street, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $120,000.00$181,782.31Bank$93,000.00
16-D-101-A-00-023-0 13CF001769 07/21/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Phillips, David V. 8703 Marjory Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $138,000.00$183,781.60Canceled 
16-D-096-A-00-008-0 13CF001987 07/21/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Pass, Shirley A. aka Pass, Shirley 5546 Washington Avenue, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $117,000.00$71,383.82Bank$78,000.00
15-C-013-0-00-060-0 13CF001919 07/21/2014U.S. Bank National Association, etc. Ball, Denise aka Ball, Denise Marie 372 Marion Avenue, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $69,000.00$71,851.69Bank$46,000.00
16-C-080-N-00-101-0 13CF002261 07/21/2014Chestnut Commons Condominium Association Strom, Jason R. 7392 North Chestnut Commons Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $78,000.00$118,997.88Deft. Bank$52,000.00
03-A-055-A-00-006-0 12CF003172 07/21/2014Nationstar Mortgage LLC Williams, Denise 3504 Call Road, Perry, Ohio 44081 $132,000.00$177,913.00Canceled 
15-C-036-L-00-056-0 13CF001997 07/21/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Szemenyei, Leigh Ann 276 Ivy Lane, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $51,000.00$60,102.61Canceled 
16-C-080-A-00-069-0 16-C-080-A-00-070-0 16-C-080-A-00-071-0 11CF002923 07/21/2014U.S. Bank National Association, etc. Huggins, Sean A. 6237 Magnolia Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $111,000.00$180,968.98Bank$74,000.00
15-C-003-0-00-027-0 10CF002992 07/21/2014Bank of America, National Association Baetzel, Jolie F. aka Baetzel, Jolie 239 Mentor Avenue, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $42,000.00$73,136.06Bank$28,000.00
01-A-005-0-00-022-0 10CF000054 07/21/2014U.S. Bank National Association, etc. Mills, Michelle 5863 South Ridge Road, Madison, Ohio 44057 $87,000.00$170,773.84Bank$58,000.00
10-A-025-D-00-005-0 11CF002362 07/21/2014The Bank of New York Mellon, etc. Degeronimo, Joseph E. 9762 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $129,000.00$160,341.63Bank$143,129.00
01-B-112-A-17-103-0 12CF002579 07/21/2014OneWest Bank, FSB Williams, Scott R. Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Williams, Ann Theresa 1776 Falkirk Road, Madison, Ohio 44057 $75,000.00$110,952.57Bank$50,000.00
15-C-033-D-00-009-0 13CF000111 07/21/2014Fifth Third Bank, etc. Manubi, Debra L. 90 Nelson Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $72,000.00$78,088.37Bank$48,000.00
28-A-043-G-00-093-0 13CF000552 07/21/2014U.S. Bank National Association Minarich, George E. aka Minarich, George E. III 31945 Glenhurst Drive, Willowick, Ohio 44095 $99,000.00$95,322.69Canceled 
03-A-046-A-00-012-0 11CF002823 07/21/2014The Bank of New York Mellon, etc. Takacs, Therea L. aka Takacs, Therea 3920 Middle Ridge Road, Perry, Ohio 44081 $120,000.00$167,186.98Bank$80,000.00
34-B-025-H-06-050-0 10CF001448 07/21/2014PNC Bank, N.A., etc. Naples, Edwards S. 239 St. Lawrence, Eastlake, Ohio 44095 $132,000.00$139,793.76Canceled 
01-A-001-0-00-039-0 13CF002030 07/21/2014FirstMerit Mortgage CorporationDutko, Frederick3170 Bates Road, Madison, OH 44057$141,000.00$126,191.43Bank$94,000.00
01-A-070-B-00-004-0 13CF002405 07/21/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Work, Kimberly A.3410 County Line Road, Madison, OH 44057$123,000.00$142,432.41Canceled 
11-B-041-G-07-078-0 13CF002187 07/21/2014Nationstar Mortgage, LLCMiller, Douglas A.909 Oakwood Boulevard, Painesville, OH 44077$72,000.00$93,037.39Bank$48,240.00
15-C-033-G-00-023-0 13CF002397 07/21/2014Nationstar Mortgage LLCHolny, Cheryl A. and Holny, Ronald J.530 Trailwood Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$84,000.00$18,256.60Bank$118,087.95
10-A-025-B-00-004-0 13CF001427 07/21/2014EverBankMonter, Jason L. and Monter, Tara9739 Hoose Road, Mentor, OH 44060$63,000.00$111,909.69Bank$137,957.75
16-A-005-C-00-037-0 13CF001859 07/21/2014Nationstat Mortgage LLCSprow, William R.8240 Deepwood Boulevard, #17, Mentor, OH 44060$78,000.00$74,082.86Bank$93,565.29
29-B-007-B-00-027-0 29-B-007-A-00-026-0 13CF002465 07/28/2014RBS Citizens, N.A.Sekely, Andrew T.1803 East 298th Street, Wickliffe, OH 44092$75,000.00$77,418.03Active 
28-A-039-A-00-002-0 13F002774 07/28/2014EverBankAmato, John A.528 East 305th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$63,000.00$137,385.80Active 
34-A-010-N-00-023-0 14CF000016 07/28/2014National Home Investors, LLCBoucher, Gail M.33688 Guilbert Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$72,000.00$85,252.90Active 
28-A-042-F-00-059-0 13CF002308 07/28/2014Huntington National BankStevenson, Shawna aka Stephenson, Shawna aka Farley, Shawna M.29007 Uxbridge Road, Willowick, OH 44095$195,000.00$148,577.39Canceled 
28-A-041-A-00-058-0 13CF002478 07/28/2014Huntington National BankTate, Susan P.29009 Barjode Road, Willowick, OH 44095$93,000.00$78,129.75Active 
28-A-039-B-00-069-0 13CF002793 07/28/2014Huntington National BankMilutyte-Brennauer, Jurate30107 Thomas Street, Willowick, OH 44095$90,000.00$96,183.63Active 
16-C-079-K-00-008-0 13CF001039 07/28/2014Springleaf Financial Services of Ohio, Inc. fka American General Financial Services, Inc.Gidley, Jennifer E.6271 Firwood Road, Mentor, OH 44060$117,000.00$96,415.32Active 
27-A-007-U-00-007-0 14CF000389 07/28/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationDiturno, Bethann N.35152 South Turtle Trail, Willoughby, OH 44094$63,000.00$84,090.67Active 
28-A-040-H-03-004-0 14CF000387 07/28/2014EverBankRichards, Katherine A.31620-D North Marginal Drive, Willowick, OH 44095$54,000.00$63,646.59Canceled 
29-A-002-G-00-020-0 13CF001181 07/28/2014U.S. Bank National AssociationFrye, Amanda K.847Lloyd Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$87,000.00$113,650.86Active 
16-A-016-C-00-004-0 13CF001325 07/28/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Shahan, Brenda C.7728 Hopkins Road, Mentor, OH 44060$111,000.00$95,088.89Active 
28-A-045-I-00-044-0 13CF002808 07/28/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationPehlivanovic, Haris412 East 330thStreet, Willowick, OH 44095$93,000.00$107,506.03Active 
28-A-039-L-00-036-0 13CF000448 07/28/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Sullivan, Roger K. (Estate of)733 East 315th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$78,000.00$67,048.14Active 
20-A-007-B-00-007-0 13CF000980 07/28/2014First Federal Savings and Loan of LakewoodBurris, Sanford A.8950 Red Tail Lane, Kirtland, OH 44094$369,000.00$174,980.73Active 
16-A-001-K-00-007-0 13CF002068 07/28/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Mauzy, Robert K.7380 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Mentor, OH 44060$150,000.00$239,902.32Active 
10-A-026-M-00-031-0 06CF001121 07/28/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank as TrusteeRitchey, Saundra M.9885 Weathersfield Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$153,000.00$240,143.77Active 
27-B-056-C-00-040-0 13CF000940 07/28/2014CitiMortgage, Inc.Genzen, Sherry1112 Hayes Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$105,000.00$88,070.85Active 
27-A-007-E-00-027-0 11CF002422 07/28/2014U.S. Bank Trust, National AssociationJanofsky, Elisabeth C.5107 Harmony Lane, Willoughby, OH 44094$105,000.00$132,958.11Canceled 
27-A-007-C-00-002-0 09CF003535 07/28/2014BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP Barcza, Aimee R.5378 Strawberry Lane, Willoughby, OH 44094$105,000.00$160,239.23Active 
27-B-056-M-00-036-0 04CF001804 07/28/2014Lakeview Estates Home Owners Association, Inc.Sutherland, Joy L.1206-F Brookline Place, Willoughby, OH 44094$93,000.00$3,750.46Active 
16-D-110-A-00-034-0 13CF000949 07/28/2014U.S. Bank National AssociationStrickhouser, Gerald W.4845 Lakeview Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$108,000.00$104,012.16Canceled 
25-A-011-000-004-0 08CF004015 07/28/2014Chase Home Finance LLCReinke, Lawrence C.7660 Eagle Mills Road, Waite Hill, OH 44094$399,000.00$487,309.69Canceled 
11-B-036-A-00-056-0 09CF004152 07/28/2014Chase Home Finance LLCSuhadolnik, Donald A.558 Greenside Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$114,000.00$120,872.07Canceled 
28-A-042-L-00-019-0 12CF002012 07/28/2014PNC Bank, N.A.Futo, Lillian (Unknown Heirs)355 East 288th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$84,000.00$60,949.37Active 
01-A-091-A-00-039-0 01-A-091-A-00-038-0 01-A-091-A-00-040-0 13CF001368 07/28/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNooney, Steven D.1040 Edgewood Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$78,000.00$88,635.09Canceled 
16-C-079-A-00-148-0 16-C-079-A-00-149-0 13CF002671 08/04/2014U.S. Bank National Association, etc. Strough, Troie V. 6385 Seneca Trail, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $87,000.00$129,764.62Canceled 
01-B-112-A-17-065-0 09CF004042 08/04/2014U.S. Bank, N.A. Cudnik, Paul S. Jr. 1700 Falkirk Road, Madison, Ohio 44057 $63,000.00$131,367.17Active  
16-C-079-F-00-001-0 12CF001775 08/04/2014U.S. Bank National Association, etc. Hart, Jennifer K. 7065 Lake Shore Boulevard, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $102,000.00$96,709.62Active  
01-B-112-A-03-012-0 12CF002838 08/04/2014U.S. Bank National Association Thompson, Danelle M. 1886 Perth Road, Madison, Ohio 44057 $66,000.00$79,123.21Active  
20-A-006-C-00-019-0 13CF000733 08/04/2014U.S. Bank National Association Kahley, Kristin L. 7700 Fairview Avenue, Kirtland, Ohio 44094 $84,000.00$134,293.95Canceled 
20-A-020-A-00-015-0 13CF000085 08/04/2014U.S. Bank National Association Finkler, Brian D. 29 WIlbert Drive, Kirtland, Ohio 44094 $81,000.00$81,091.09Active  
15-C-002-0-00-012-0 14CF000141 08/04/2014FirstMerit Mortgage Corporation Battaglia, Thomas, Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Battaglia, Michael 106 West Washington Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $90,000.00$65,168.04Active  
15-C-030-B-00-002-0 13CF002551 08/04/2014MidFirst Bank Lawrence, Leland G. (deceased) 736 West Jackson Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077$87,000.00$98,004.13Active  
01-B-112-A-20-008-0 13CF002653 08/04/2014CitiMortgage, Inc., etc. Clutter, James E. 6216 Kirkwall Street, Madison, Ohio 44057 $69,000.00$130,205.24Active  
03-A-084-B-00-020-0 13CF002570 08/04/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association Thomas, Denver C. 5161 Middle Ridge Road, Perry, Ohio 44081 $129,000.00$148,765.34Canceled 
11-A-010-B-00-011-0 13CF002223 08/04/2014HSBC Bank USA., etc.Jenkin, Antony J. 67 Fairgrounds Road, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $81,000.00$33,808.39Active  
16-C-068-A-00-084-0 13CF002434 08/04/2014Urban Financial of America, LLC Hackney, Robert Jr. as Heir to the Estate of Hackey, Robert 7302 Allendale Drive, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $102,000.00$38,651.40Active  
15-C-028-0-00-007-0 13CF002311 08/04/2014SunTrust Mortgage, Inc. Lara, Juan aka Lara, Juan M. 227 Matthews Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $45,000.00$76,613.95Canceled 
01-B-116-0-00-008-0 14CF000148 08/04/2014CitiFinancial Servicing LLC Rendek, John 1823 Redbird Road, Madison, Ohio 44057 $150,000.00$156,640.08Active  
07-A-021-A-00-006-0 13CF002616 08/04/2014Wells Fargo Bank, etc. Torkar, Richard W. aka Torkar, Richard W. Jr. 13725 Piney Hollow Lane, Leroy, Ohio 44077 $240,000.00228,183.84Active  
15-D-008-0-00-017-0 14CF000358 08/04/2014Provident Funding Associates, L.P. Buchan, Robert B. 231/233 Richmond Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $66,000.00$88,233.17Canceled 
16-A-025-0-00-018-0 10CF002787 08/04/2014BAC Home Loans Servicing, etc. Clark, John E. Jr. 7645 King Memorial Road, Mentor, Ohio 44077 $138,000.00$164,277.99Active  
01-B-112-A-07-046-0 13CF001688 08/04/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. McFarland, Sara J. 6018 Glasgow Street, Madison, Ohio 44057 $63,000.00$82,327.82Active  
16-A-001-E-00-008-0 10CF000795 08/04/2014BAC Home Loans Servicing, etc. Morie, William D. 8089 Dartmoor Road, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $129,000.00$176,453.00Active  
15-B-012-0-00-037-0 11CF000079 08/04/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Spotz, Jason P. 94 Stockwell Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $51,000.00$78,018.47Active  
01-B-096-C-00-009-0 12CF001803 08/04/2014United States of America, etc. Knowles, Kim 6868 Shelly Drive, Madison, Ohio 44057 $102,000.00$139,761.91Active  
15-A-013-0-00-028-0 13CF000417 08/04/2014Flagstar Bank, FSB Villanueva, Vicente 307 North State Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $39,000.00$92,492.56Active  
16-C-077-B-00-015-0 13CF000938 08/04/2014U.S. Bank National Association, etc. Banker, Jacqueline J. 6611 Elmwood Road, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $105,000.00$110,002.57Canceled 
14-A-017-0-00-024-0 13CF001352 08/04/2014CitiMortgage, Inc. Stanescu, Roena M. 806 High Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $66,000.00$68,682.10Active  
15-C-035-B-01-013-0 12CF001222 08/04/2014The Bank of New York Mellon, etc. Lewis, Judeth M. 490 Cedarbrook Drive, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $78,000.00$98,800.00Active  
05-A-013-A-00-007-0 05-A-013-A-00-008-0 05-A-013-A-00-009-0 13CF002508 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Davis, Charles H. 2309 Lakehurst Drive, North Perry Village, Ohio 44081 $16,000.00$16,000.00Canceled 
29-B-003-I-00-038-0 14CF000290 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Plunket, Dennis A. and Plunkey, Kathleen W. 1531 Mapledale Road, Wickliffe, Ohio 44092 $14,000.00$14,000.00Active  
01-A-089-G-00-026-0 14CF000082 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Neubrook Construction Inc. Travis Drive, Madison, Ohio 44057 $9,000.00$9,000.00Active  
16-C-070-0-00-058-0 13CF002013 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Osair, Inc. Reynolds Rod, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $13,000.00$13,000.00Active  
08-A-014-A-00-033-0 13CF002509 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Owens, Thomas B. and Owens, Emma E. 7005 Woodtrush Drive, Concord Township, Ohio 44077$28,500.00$28,500.00Canceled 
14-A-023-0-00-014-0 13CF002532 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Pace, Anthony C. 434 King Street, Fairport Harbor, Ohio 44077 $15,500.00$15,500.00Active  
31-A-002-A-00-003-0 13CF001508 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Mocnik, Fred Euclid Chardon, Willoughby Hills, Ohio 44092 $27,500.00$27,500.00Active  
13-A-004-B-00-012-0 13CF002533 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Hecker, Elizabeth 81 Grand Harbor Drive, Grand River, Ohio 44045 $32,500.00$32,500.00Canceled 
11-A-016-B-00-022-0 14CF000079 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer 1450 Jackson Street LLC 1450 W. Jackson Street, Painesville Township, Ohio 44077 $35,000.00$35,000.00Active  
11-B-033-A-00-053-0 13CF002534 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Fedder, Craig W. Morgan Drive, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $10,000.00$10,000.00Active  
03-A-042-D-00-002-0 13CF002546 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Corrado, Christine 3985 S. Ridge Road, Perry, Ohio 44081 $11,500.00$11,500.00Active  
11-A-021-C-00-009-0 14CF000074 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Morris, Dorothy C.885 Madison Avenue, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $12,000.00$12,000.00Active  
16-D-113-0-00-012-0 14CF000205 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Blacbrook Management Group LTD Lake Shore Boulevard, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $31,000.00$31,000.00Active  
16-C-079-B-00-013-0 14CF000198 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Kemp, Margaret 6502 Iroquois Trail, Mentor, Ohio 44060 $10,500.00$10,500.00Active  
15-D-001-0-00-053-0 14CF000125 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Keagle, Denise A. 110 Jefferson Street, Painesville, Ohio 44077 $16,000.00$16,000.00Active  
28-A-006-B-00-052-0 28-A-006-B-00-051-0 14CF000367 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Juric, Nedeljko and Juric, Navenka 32916 Vine Street, Eastlake, Ohio 44095 $21,500.00$21,500.00Canceled 
01-B-101-B-00-013-0 13CF002535 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Winzer, Kelly J. 7010 Madison Avenue, Madison Township, Ohio 44057 $42,000.00$42,000.00Active  
01-A-070-A-00-001-0 01-A-070-A-00-002-0 01-A-070-A-00-003-0 01-A-070-A-00-027-0 13CF002531 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Unionville Tavern LLC County Line Road and 7935 S. Ridge Road, Madison Township, Ohio 44057 $81,000.00$81,000.00Active  
19-A-089-H-00-043-0 14CF000289 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Miller, Brian K. 5857 Melody Lane, Mentor on the Lake, Ohio 44060 $17,500.00$17,500.00Active  
08-A-006-B-00-009-0 08-A-006-B-00-010-0 13CF000923 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Osborne, Richard M. Trustee Williams Road, Concord Township, Ohio 44077 $54,000.00$54,000.00Active  
08-A-012-J-00-076-0 13CF000924 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Nathan Properties LLC 11447 Viceroy Street, Concord Township, Ohio 44077 $31,000.00$31,000.00Active  
28-A-041-I-00-082-0 12CF002160 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Stockdale, Kimberly J. and Stockdale, Randall S. 29735 Green Drive, Willowick, Ohio 44095 $36,000.00$36,000.00Active  
07-A-007-0-00-004-0 13CF002512 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Drew, Richard and Drew, Kathy 6794 Kniffn Road, Leroy Township, Ohio 44077 $11,500.00$11,500.00Active  
01-B-110-A-00-003-0 13CF002504 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Braid, Sheldon 6314 N. Ridge Road, Madison, Ohio 44057$16,500.00$16,500.00Active  
27-B-035-A-00-017-0 27-B-035-A-00-018-0 27-B-035-A-00-019-0 27-B-035-A-00-020-0 27-B-035-A-00-021-0 13CF001212 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Osborne, Richard M. Trustee Vine Street, Willoughby, Ohio 44094 $17,000.00$17,000.00Active  
27-A-007-H-00-017-0 14CF000252 08/06/2014Lake County Treasurer Marks, Grace L. 5095 Robinhood Drive, Willoughby, Ohio 44094 $15,000.00$15,000.00Active  
01-A-089-C-00-012-0 10CF000899 08/11/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company as TrusteeHinz, Jeanette7658 Norton Drive, Madison, OH 44057$225,000.00$215,328.63Active 
01-B-112-A-14-026-0 10CF002267 08/11/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. as TrusteeHarker, George D.6230 Kirkwall Street, Madison, OH 44057$81,000.00$130,561.04Active 
27-B-043-A-00-092-0 11CF000878 08/11/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as Trust Company, as TrusteePerruchon, Carol3418 Newport Lane, Willoughby, OH 44094$111,000.00$132,059.98Active 
24-A-008-A-00-024-0 11CF001409 08/11/2014U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeO'Brien, Doug8595 Sanctuary Drive, Kirtland Hills, OH 44060$825,000.00$1,100,000.00Active 
01-A-091-A-00-008-0 11CF001904 08/11/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Snyder, John L.7562 Lakeshore Boulevard, Madison, OH 44057$54,000.00$79,122.58Active 
01-B-115-F-00-013-0 11CF002575 08/11/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationStaley, Kevin T.1540 Hazel Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$66,000.00$159,833.86Active 
20-A-021-A-00-015-0 11CF003277 08/11/2014Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1, Inc.Greco, Regina J.8357 Billings Road, Willoughby, OH 44094$117,000.00$127,306.98Active 
34-B-025-F-00-024-0 34-B-025-F-00-025-0 12CF000293 08/11/2014U.S. Bank National AssociationTriffilleti, Dena M. aka McGee, Dena M.37180 LakeShore Boulevard, Eastlake, OH 44095$102,000.00$137,176.23Active 
34-A-007-J-00-072-0 12CF000327 08/11/2014The Bank of New York Mellon fka The Bank of New York, as TrusteeBatich, Michael J.1245 East 351st Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$63,000.00$115,318.11Active 
16-C-079-B-00-122-0 12CF000888 08/11/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., as TrusteeMiller, Eugene6491 Seminole Trail, Mentor, OH 44060$87,000.00$87,878.05Active 
15-A-008-A-00-016-0 12CF001101 08/11/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Sandor, Linda L.512 Elm Street, Painesville, OH 44077$54,000.00$22,515.11Active 
01-B-098-E-00-101-0 12CF001356 08/11/2014Bank of America, N.A.Beach, Cynthia R.1338 Ormond Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$42,000.00$80,371.68Active 
27-B-033-B-00-049-0 27-B-033-B-00-050-0 12CF001569 08/11/2014Federal Home Loan Mortgage CorporationVance, Leonard A.3848 East 364th Street, Willoughby, OH 44094$93,000.00$96,262.79Active 
27-B-050-0-00-026-0 12CF002008 08/11/2014Bank of America, N.A.Chesbrough, Joseph B. III38445 Westminster Lane, Willoughby, OH 44094$198,000.00$194,083.08Active 
28-A-042-A-00-029-0 12CF002323 08/11/2014RBS Citizens, N.A., etc.Turchan, Daniel S.28325 Parkwood Drive, Willowick, OH 44095$42,000.00$94,342.99Active 
01-B-112-A-15-086-0 12CF002524 08/11/2014Neighborhood Development Services, Inc.Champa, William E.1969 Paisley Road, Madison, OH 44057$69,000.00$19,028.38Active 
29-B-007-K-00-044-0 29-B-007-K-00-043-0 12CF002639 08/11/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeCiancibello, Tina M. aka Smith, Tina M. aka Monczewski, Tina Marie2200 Buena Vista Drive, Wickliffe, OH 44092$108,000.00$119,241.79Active 
16-A-021-D-00-035-0 12CF002810 08/11/2014U.S. Bank National AssociationDevlin, Michaela S.7732 Fairlawn Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$165,000.00$165,753.31Active 
16-C-115-B-00-009-0 12CF003191 08/11/2014FirstMerit Bank, N.A.Furey, Jerome D. **Appraised Value is Minimum Bid per Court Order**5308 East Heisley Road, Mentor, OH 44060$27,000.00$9,685.11Active 
27-B-057-B-00-025-0 13CF000014 08/11/2014U.S. Bank National AssociationKropko, Diane H.914 Shadowrow Avenue, Willoughby, OH 44094$87,000.00$99,745.68Active 
29-B-007-L-00-006-0 13CF000375 08/11/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Fleming, Tanya2310 Rockefeller Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$78,000.00$96,452.73Active 
16-A-019-I-00-014-0 13CF001135 08/11/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Ruple, Peggy Janos9310 Canterbury Lane, Mentor, OH 44060$162,000.00$114,545.87Active 
29-A-002-T-00-001-0 13CF001295 08/11/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationPeterson, Deborah1010 Worden Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$84,000.00$90,633.04Active 
34-A-011-E-00-014-0 13CF001828 08/11/2014CitiMortgage, Inc.LaSpina, Robert955 Center Road, Eastlake, OH 44095$69,000.00$112,352.02Active 
34-B-024-A-00-040-0 34-B-024-A-00-041-0 34-B-024-A-00-042-0 14CF000249 08/18/2014The Huntington National BankWebb, Tanya J.70 Wicklow Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$66,000.00$90,694.62Active 
27-B-055-B-00-091-0 13CF002243 08/18/2014Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyPasquale, Stacy M.1005 Tioga Trail, Willoughby, OH 44094$66,000.00$105,729.82Active 
28-A-040-G-03-070-0 13CF002629 08/18/2014Wells FargoBank, N.A.Clark, Joie L.30048 Forestgrove Road, Willowick, OH 44095$81,000.00$124,811.74Active 
27-A-007-C-00-001-0 14CF000103 08/18/2014BMO Harris Bank, N.A., successor by merger to M & I Bank, FSBGray, Scott5368 Strawberry Lane, Willoughby, OH 44094$123,000.00$121,889.26Active 
34-B-024-C-00-040-0 13CF002411 08/18/2014OneWest Bank, FSBEstate of Raymond Palermo332 Parkway Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$81,000.00$93,836.25Active 
29-B-007-S-02-040-0 13CF002359 08/18/2014U.S. Bank, National AssociationLarue, Christopher A.2368 Larchmont Drive, Wickliffe, OH 44092$84,000.00$101,640.18Active 
16-B-049-0-00-023-0 14CF000539 08/18/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationKerr, Brian P.7280 Burridge Avenue, Mentor, OH 44060$117,000.00$130,281.45Active 
27-B-043-A-00-070-0 13CF001296 08/18/2014CitiMortgage, Inc.Pearson, Carl W.37419 Ocean Reef, Willoughby, OH 44094$105,000.00$113,739.25Active 
34-A-014-M-00-004-0 14CF000464 08/18/2014CitiMortgage, Inc.Sengumany, Savath33919 Iris Lane, Eastlake, OH 44095$63,000.00$54,028.44Active 
16-C-087-A-00-019-0 13CF001428 08/18/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationPuglis, Thomas E.8703 Applewood Court, Mentor, OH 44060$132,000.00$183,935.59Active 
19-A-091-F-00-064-0 13CF000192 08/18/2014Fannie Mae ("Federal National Mortgage Association")Rice, John D.5786 Beech Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$96,000.00$99,513.81Active 
16-C-073-E-00-002-0 13CF002765 08/18/2014Third Federal Savngs and Loan Association of ClevelandWarix, Steven O.6797 Palmerston Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$120,000.00$78,139.16Active 
16-D-111-V-00-007-0 14CF000116 08/18/2014Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyCohen, Alexander4964 Forest Road, Mentor, OH 44060$78,000.00$99,837.81Active 
16-C-079-K-00-030-0 13CF000898 08/18/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNaymick, Melinda S. aka Green, Melinda S.6178 Firwood Road, Mentor, OH 44060$93,000.00$105,218.82Active 
16-C-070-C-00-013-0 13CF002334 08/18/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationVidovic, Dragan7220 Taft Street, Mentor, OH 44060$153,000.00$144,733.21Active 
28-A-041-L-00-022-0 14CF000713 08/18/2014Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandFloran, Joseph J.601 Carrington Court, Willowick, OH 44095$168,000.00$151,099.83Active 
16-C-081-A-00-038-0 12CF002721 08/18/2014Flagstar Bank, FSBSoeder, Mark J.Sr.6213 Brooks Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060$147,000.00$178,502.77Active 
28-A-042-F-00-087-0 28-A-042-F-00-085-0 09CF000869 08/18/2014Park View Federal Savings BankKroeger, James W.136 East 289th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$183,000.00$195,757.04Active 
16-A-021-D-00-015-0 13CF000124 08/18/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeSheperd, Debbie aka Shepherd, Debbie7645 Roselawn Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$144,000.00$177,420.52Active 
11-B-041-G-05-023-0 10CF000069 08/18/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationBott, Brian H.176 Sycamore Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$30,000.00$80,282.29Active 
02-A-010-0-00-042-0 12CF003245 08/18/2014Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyLemaster, Jennifer L.887 West Main Street, Madison, OH 44057$201,000.00$182,956.42Active 
16-A-018-A-00-007-0 12CF002997 08/18/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Klingenberg, Selma A.7291 Marion Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$138,000.00$163,939.80Active 
19-A-090-F-00-060-0 12CF002564 08/18/2014CitiMortgage, Inc.Cooper, Julie R.7682 Manor Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$81,000.00$117,409.30Active 
27-B-057-A-00-057-0 12CF000083 08/18/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeRowan, Robert J.820 Peach Street, Willoughby, OH 44094$42,000.00$74,957.17Active 
11-A-023-D-00-022-0 13CF002275 08/25/2014RBS Citizens, N.A.Samsonas, Phillip P.406 Maplebrook Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$54,000.00$57,496.14Active 
02-A-010-C-03-010-0 12CF003278 08/25/2014USDACalkins, Robert J. Sr.382 West Parkway, Madison, OH 44057$111,000.00$159,302.87Active 
01-B-112-A-13-014-0 01-B-112-A-13-015-0 12CF002986 08/25/2014USDAStaten, Jason P.6191 Maxwell Drive, Madison, OH 44057$81,000.00$120,898.56Active 
11-B-043-E-00-048-0 12CF003156 08/25/2014USDASandberg, Brian J.910 Lake Terrace, Painesville, OH 44077$120,000.00$130,655.72Active 
03-A-072-0-00-033-0 13CF001765 08/25/2014Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyBrown, Eileen4785 South Ridge Road, Perry, OH 44081$216,000.00$217,368.52Active 
01-A-091-A-00-049-0 14CF000660 08/25/2014Northwest Savings BankZirkle, Terry L.1071 Edgewood Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$165,000.00$104,719.94Active 
11-A-018-A-00-015-0 11-A-018-A-00-016-0 13CF002486 08/25/2014OneWest Bank, FSBTownsend, David1100 Riverside Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$117,000.00$141,483.23Active 
11-A-015-K-00-027-0 13CF002557 08/25/2014OneWest Bank, FSBTicel, Dorothy61 Prentice Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$87,000.00$173,558.84Active 
01-B-106-F-00-008-0 01-B-106-G-00-021-0 13CF002047 08/25/2014First Merit Bank, N.A.Skinner, Henry P.7187 Anthony Court, Madison, OH 44057$75,000.00$18,239.87Active 
15-C-034-0-00-010-0 13CF002320 08/25/2014U.S. Bank National AssociationKindler, Mark Edward45 Chestnut Street, Painesville, OH 44077$102,000.00$108,433.50Active 
11-A-024-D-00-014-0 13CF002638 08/25/2014KeyBank National AssociationMontague, Monica M.31 Tanners Farm Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$108,000.00$66,382.16Active 
03-A-037-A-00-008-0 14CF000537 08/25/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeLette, Craydean H.3849 Middle Ridge Road, Perry, OH 44081$117,000.00$122,832.33Active 
01-B-115-F-00-001-0 01-B-115-C-00-109-0 13CF000223 08/25/2014USDASanders, Cecil W. (deceased)1496 Hazel Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$66,000.00$90,033.98Active 
01-B-112-A-21-010-0 12CF002981 08/25/2014USDAJarnigan, Heather M.6226 Maxwell Drive, Madison, OH 44057$87,000.00$157,232.83Active 
15-C-020-C-00-013-0 12CF002249 08/25/2014The Westwood Village Townhouse CondiminiumWalling, Marwin N.762 Mentor Avenue, #56, Painesville, OH 44077$30,000.00$5,773.62Active 
01-A-090-0-00-028-0 13CF001565 08/25/2014Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeRadovanic, Michele7534 Lake Road, Madison, OH 44057$114,000.00$106,787.05Active 
01-B-115-I-00-022-0 01-B-115-I-00-023-0 13CF000241 08/25/2014U.S. Bank, National Association, NDHash, Charity A. (deceased)6534 Tarbell Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$63,000.00$66,868.63Active 
35-A-005-A-00-244-0 11CF002482 08/25/2014Bank of America, N.A.Manes, Micah David1755 North Ashwood Lane, Painesville, OH 44077$165,000.00$186,989.54Active 
15-C-035-C-07-005-0 12CF001548 08/25/2014U.S. Bank, National AssociationThomas, Shawn471 Hawkins Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$93,000.00$108,496.13Active 
01-B-112-A-01-050-0 06CF002166 08/25/2014USDAGuest, Cherith M.1777 Benjamin Road, Madison, OH 44057$90,000.00$124,823.96Active 
07-A-002-A-01-018-0 09CF000006 08/25/2014Countrywide Home Loans Servicing, LPSpecht, Sean F.7892 Lester Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$114,000.00$161,633.25Active 
29-B-007-M-00-038-0 13CF000865 08/25/2014Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Kovalsky, Denise M.2426 Rockefeller Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$78,000.00$62,974.15Active 
16-D-111-X-00-039-0 13CF000711 08/25/2014JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Ferguson, Daniel R.5094 Wake Robin Road, Mentor, OH 44060$45,000.00$65,998.69Active 
10-A-026-H-00-079-0 12CF002475 08/25/2014CitiBank, N.A., as TrusteeDunn, James M.9901 Tanbark Trail, Mentor, OH 44060$210,000.00$182,732.71Active 
11-A-015-E-00-032-0 09CF002691 08/25/2014Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandEstate of Patricia A. Price, Deceased **Appraised Value is Minimum Bid per Court Order**88 Garfield Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$56,000.00$34,973.72Active