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Click the parcel number for more information.Click the case number to view a full legal description.Sales DatePlaintiffDefendantAddressAppraised ValueMortgage ValueStatusSold Value
15-C-030-D-00-005-0 14CF001912 03/30/2015Springleaf Finance CorporationBambic, Scott M.172 Michael Court, Painesville, OH 44077$120,000.00$127,879.56Bank$161,385.00
02-A-010-J-00-005-0 14CF001858 03/30/2015Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandMcCandless, Michael P.508 W. Parkway Drive, Madison, OH 44057$126,000.00$111,275.85Bank$84,000.00
07-A-007-0-00-053-0 14CF000449 03/30/2015Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandMacy, Rita A.6971 Brakeman Road, Painesville, OH 44077$135,000.00$107,082.65Canceled 
08-A-032-J-00-012-0 14CF000341 03/30/2015Beneficial Financial I Inc.Schultz, Holly N. aka Hummel, Holly Noel6130 Althea Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$87,000.00$119,138.14Bank$58,000.00
01-B-130-D-00-003-0 14CF001707 03/30/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationPanzarella, Joseph N.5811 Homestead Drive, Madison, OH 44057$123,000.00$136,356.67Bank$89,200.00
15-C-036-L-00-048-0 14CF002092 03/30/2015Dollar Bank, FSBMiller, Tonia M.999 Cornell Court, Painesville, OH 44077$48,000.00$63,401.69Canceled 
01-A-089-E-00-032-0 14CF002079 03/30/2015Northwest Savings BankWills, Kenneth B. Jr.7619 Lake Road, Madison, OH 44057$90,000.00$108,360.35Bank$60,000.00
11-A-015-F-00-001-0 14CF000485 03/30/2015The Huntington National BankCombs, Tammy A.159 Garfield Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$69,000.00$62,763.80Canceled 
01-B-112-A-14-020-0 14CF001232 03/30/2015Bank of America, N.A.Lehtoma, Scott D.6247 Kirkwall Street, Madison, OH 44057$102,000.00$126,815.05Bank$68,000.00
08-A-016-B-00-029-0 14CF001712 03/30/2015Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Seibert, David10803 Tanglewood Trail, Concord, OH 44077$144,000.00$174,445.73Canceled 
11-A-011-P-00-013-0 07CF003631 03/30/2015Wells Fargo Bank, NAPedley, Amy E.1651 Mentor Avenue, #707, Painesville, OH 44077$30,000.00$73,444.95Private$22,001.00
08-A-024-A-00-022-0 11CF002724 03/30/2015Bank of America, N.A.Burkholder, Joseph R.10391 Pinecest Road, Concord, OH 44077$252,000.00$295,360.98Bank$208,233.00
01-B-115-D-00-014-0 01-B-115-D-00-015-0 01-B-115-D-00-016-0 08CF003955 03/30/2015LaSalle Bank National Association, as TrusteeTippie, Daniel D.1544 Glenview Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$84,000.00$123,264.37Bank$56,000.00
28-A-039-B-00-056-0 13CF001963 03/30/2015U.S. Bank National AssociationMercado, Freddy A.30309 Thomas Street, Willowick, OH 44095$96,000.00$101,928.76Bank$64,000.00
15-C-028-0-00-007-0 13CF002311 03/30/2015SunTrust Mortgage, Inc.Lara, Juan M.227 Mathews Street, Painesville, OH 44077$45,000.00$76,613.95Bank$30,000.00
16-D-111-I-00-056-0 16-D-111-I-00-057-0 14CF001029 03/30/2015Nationstar Mortgage LLCCsepi, Caroline E.5020 Corduroy Road, Mentor, OH 44060$108,000.00$136,418.49Canceled 
28-A-042-B-00-050-0 14CF000435 04/01/2015Lake County TreasurerDaw, Leonard J. and Daw, Antoinetta M.299 East 286th Street, Willowick, OH 44095$21,000.00$21,000.00Canceled 
35-A-010-A-00-150-0 14CF000366 04/01/2015Lake County TreasurerLiberty Greens Development Co., LLCV/L North Settlers Lane, Painesville, OH 44077$10,750.00$10,750.00Active 
16-A-001-F-00-014-0 14CF001541 04/06/2015The Bank of New York MellonDirk, Gayle8104 Broadmoor Road, Mentor, OH 44060$72,000.00$87,423.31Active 
03-A-005-F-00-006-0 13CF001810 04/06/2015Beneficial Finanical I Inc. succesosr by merger to Beneficial Ohio Inc.Simcic, Joseph M. Jr.2520 Norway Drive, Painesville, OH 44077$162,000.00$150,448.07Active 
16-C-079-A-00-123-0 16-C-079-A-00-122-0 13CF002007 04/06/2015CitiMortgage, Inc.Lynn, Nancy E.6416 Seneca Trail, Mentor, OH 44060$51,000.00$48,677.61Canceled 
15-D-010-0-00-003-0 14CF001081 04/06/2015MidFirst BankHenninger, Timothy R.345 North St. Clair Street, Painesville, OH 44077$30,000.00$36,348.70Canceled 
16-C-079-O-00-009-0 14CF001228 04/06/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationStamblesky, Carolyn E.6153 Thunderbird Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$102,000.00$111,631.57Active 
16-C-077-M-00-064-0 14CF001986 04/06/2015Third Federal Savings and Loan Association of ClevelandDille, Norman E. III6601 Durham Court, Mentor, OH 44060$168,000.00$137,823.31Active 
16-B-052-L-00-010-0 14CF000420 04/06/2015Bank of America, N.A.Frantz, Roger W.6965 Roosevelt Avenue, Mentor, OH 44060$126,000.00$133,796.66Active 
16-C-080-N-00-079-0 14CF001432 04/06/2015Federal National Mortgage Association("FNMA")Rositano, Donna Lynn, fka Wolfe, Donna7427 North Chestnut Commons Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$75,000.00$80,207.93Active 
34-A-007-E-00-007-0 14CF001185 04/06/2015Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.The Unknown successor Trustee of the Facemyer Trust dated 2-28-2000, aka The Facemyer Truste1282 East 342nd Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$75,000.00$101,509.52Active 
16-C-083-B-00-008-0 14CF001686 04/06/2015Wells Fargo Bank, National Association, as TrusteePitt, Steven L.6165 Cumberland Court, Mentor, OH 44060$102,000.00$128,814.68Active 
16-D-111-I-00-037-0 12CF001620 04/06/2015Lake County TreasurerHaffey, Derek J. and Haffey, Rebecca4995 Marigold Road, Mentor, OH 44060$75,000.00$26,864.71Active 
16-D-111-Y-00-008-0 14CF001230 04/06/2015U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF8 Master Participation TrustSavron, Dragica8907 Woodridge Lane, Mentor, OH 44060$105,000.00$164,351.39Active 
19-A-090-E-00-065-0 14CF001771 04/06/2015Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Francis, David E. II7519 Southland Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$69,000.00$109,320.44Canceled 
27-B-053-D-03-020-0 13CF001781 04/06/2015Wells Fargo Bank, NAGray, Gary E.38209 Lonsdale Place, Willoughby, OH 44094$186,000.00$213,589.08Canceled 
10-A-025-B-00-006-0 14CF001918 04/06/2015Bank of America, N.A.Estavanik, Derek W.9811 Hoose Road, Concord, OH 44060$87,000.00$128,579.44Canceled 
16-D-111-L-00-042-0 14CF001626 04/06/2015U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeGray, Theresa A., nka Simon, Theresa4748 Orchard Road, Mentor, OH 44060$108,000.00$106,944.41Canceled 
28-A-042-M-00-040-0 14CF001842 04/13/2015PNC Bank, National AssociationDeMatteo, Christopher (Estate of)28706 Forest Road, Willowick, OH 44095$93,000.00$60,829.85Active 
16-C-085-H-00-004-0 13CF002265 04/13/2015Governors Place Condominium Association, Inc.Polson, Barbara J. (Unknown Heirs)6183 Worthington Lane, Mentor, OH 44060$135,000.00$7,828.11Active 
34-B-024-D-00-024-0 34-B-024-D-00-025-0 34-B-024-D-00-026-0 09CF002565 04/13/2015BAC Home Loans Servicing, LPHernandez, Juan M.122 Pinehurst Boulevad, Eastlake, OH 44095$189,000.00$109,801.30Active 
27-A-023-F-00-059-0 11CF002104 04/13/2015The Bank of New York Mellon fka The Bank of New York, as TrusteeCampisi, Adam J.37308 Second Street, Willoughby, OH 44094$57,000.00$86,668.33Canceled 
16-C-083-K-00-028-0 14CF001702 04/13/2015The Bank of New York Mellon fka The Bank of New York as Trustee (CWALT 2005-35CB)Lewis, John C.6188 Melshore Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$117,000.00$118,205.86Active 
16-C-081-B-00-041-0 12CF000426 04/13/2015Wells Fargo Bank, NASokolowski, Anthony D.6323 Brooks Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060$99,000.00$131,454.78Canceled 
20-A-011-A-00-019-0 14CF000939 04/13/2015SunWest Mortgage Company, Inc.Gratz, Irene E. (Unknown Heirs)9876 West Alpine Drive, Willoughby, OH 44094$129,000.00$130,975.63Active 
10-A-028-Z-03-007-0 14CF001961 04/13/2015The Bank of New York Mellon fka The Bank of New York, as TrusteeStraka, Alan G.9824 Old Johnnycake Ridge Road, #104, Mentor, OH 44060$102,000.00$121,564.41Active 
34-A-013-F-00-024-0 14CF001775 04/13/2015Green Tree Servicing LLCBlasko, Connie L.33892 Lawton Avenue, Eastlake, OH 44095$90,000.00$119,125.34Active 
19-A-090-H-00-021-0 12CF003244 04/13/2015U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeEnglebrecht, Michael R.7714 Dahlia Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$75,000.00$123,958.03Active 
16-C-068-A-00-096-0 13CF002559 04/13/2015Quicken Loans Inc.Ross, Debra and Ross, Keith John7272 Enfield Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$165,000.00$135,661.97Active 
28-A-040-E-01-028-0 08CF003812 04/13/2015Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeProchaska, Eric J.30204 Gebhart Place, Willowick, OH 44095$87,000.00$143,850.60Canceled 
29-A-001-B-00-014-0 14CF000855 04/13/2015Bank of America, N.A.Shimek, Amy M.30063 Regent Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$66,000.00$83,670.40Canceled 
27-A-026-D-00-046-0 14CF001310 04/13/2015Wells Fargo Bank, NAGregory, Jonathan D.4323 River Street, Willoughby, OH 44094$102,000.00$119,429.37Active 
08-A-018-C-00-037-0 14CF001652 04/20/2015The Huntington National Bank successor by merger to Sky BankVan Winkle, Thomas7241 South Jester Place, Painesville, OH 44077$102,000.00$74,821.44Active 
11-A-003-C-00-002-0 13CF002398 04/20/2015U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeWhite, Donna J.926 Balboa Court, Painesville, OH 44077$171,000.00$162,825.16Active 
04-A-053-A-00-026-0 14CF001076 04/20/2015U.S. Bank, National Association, as TrusteePitsenbarger, Jeffrey Wayne4226 Harper Street, Perry, OH 44081$60,000.00$34,216.53Active 
01-B-112-A-09-035-0 01-B-112-A-09-036-0 14CF001370 04/20/2015Nationstar Mortgage LLCMarshall, Anthony K.1732 Stonehaven Road, Madison, OH 44057$90,000.00$90,640.46Active 
01-B-112-A-13-034-0 01-B-112-A-13-035-0 14CF001304 04/20/2015CitiFinancial Servicing, LLCTagliamonte, Dorothy J.6196 Maxwell Drive, Madison, OH 44057$108,000.00$62,279.55Active 
15-C-033-A-01-004-0 14CF000600 04/20/2015CitiMortgage, Inc.Symanek, Jerry H.435 West Walnut Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$81,000.00$138,119.85Active 
15-B-014-D-00-027-0 14CF001501 04/20/2015Green Tree Servicing LLCMosier, Susan E.156 Charlotte Street, Painesville, OH 44077$102,000.00$140,643.25Active 
02-A-010-C-02-006-0 11CF000497 04/20/2015Wells Fargo Bank, NABerardino, Anthony F.323 Parkway Boulevard, Madison, OH 44057$117,000.00$107,395.17Active 
02-A-007-G-00-027-0 12CF001882 04/20/2015HSBC Mortgage Services, Inc.Slepsky, Mark G.451 Hyder Drive, Madison, OH 44057$132,000.00$130,103.59Active 
01-B-112-A-24-006-0 13CF001197 04/20/2015FannieMae ("Federal National Mortgage Association")Ozbeytemur, Haci Ali1846 Stirling Road, Madison, OH 44057$87,000.00$137,168.59Active 
01-B-098-G-00-061-0 13CF002393 04/20/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationGibson, Samantha R.1394 Cummins Boulevard, Madison, OH 44057$78,000.00$87,728.98Active 
03-A-042-A-00-007-0 13CF002654 04/20/2015EverBankMartin, Raymond L. Jr.4651 Milford Drive, Perry, OH 44081$135,000.00$149,878.81Active 
01-A-091-A-00-039-0 01-A-091-A-00-038-0 01-A-091-A-00-040-0 13CF001368 04/20/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationNooney, Steven D.1040 Edgewood Avenue, Madison, OH 44057$78,000.00$88,635.09Active 
15-B-018-A-00-022-0 13CF002597 04/20/2015U.S. Bank National Association, as TrusteeThompson, Joshua A.360 East Main Street, Painesville, OH 44077$90,000.00$154,549.87Active 
16-C-081-E-00-027-0 11CF002676 04/27/2015CitiMortgage, Inc.Hijjawi, Susan M.6363 Clearair Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$120,000.00$133,406.31Active 
34-A-007-A-00-049-0 11CF002262 04/27/2015U.S. Bank, National AssociationShepherd, Jody R.1295 Hulett Avenue, Eastlake, OH 44095$114,000.00$143,945.48Active 
16-C-077-A-00-042-0 11CF002933 04/27/2015Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeBakanas, Edward8048 Edgewood Road, Mentor, OH 44060$117,000.00$123,277.05Active 
34-A-010-C-00-044-0 14CF000096 04/27/2015Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Novak, Paul A. (Unknown Heirs)33482 Willowick Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$75,000.00$13,706.29Active 
01-B-112-A-19-022-0 10CF001294 04/27/2015USDA **Appraised Value is Minimum Bid per Court Order**Roth, Jeffrey L. (deceased, Estate of)1751 Meadows Road, Madison, OH 44057$45,000.00$113,527.38Active 
34-A-010-I-00-015-0 13CF002298 04/27/2015Nationstar Mortgage LLCCrawford, Arlene M.33224 Lake Shore Boulevard, Eastlake, OH 44095$99,000.00$38,306.29Active 
34-B-027-E-00-053-0 13CF002386 04/27/2015U.S. BAnk National Association, as TrusteeSolymosi, James M.656 St. Lawrence Boulevard, Eastlake, OH 44095$153,000.00$192,600.37Active 
16-B-049-0-00-023-0 14CF000539 04/27/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationKerr, Brian P7280 Burridge Avenue, Mentor, OH 44060$114,000.00$130,281.45Active 
27-B-049-A-00-008-0 14CF000943 04/27/2015Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLCWeber, Kelly D.38488 Bell Road, Willoughby, OH 44094$111,000.00$118,413.44Active 
34-A-015-B-00-068-0 14CF001667 04/27/2015Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Farren, Vanessa R.36275 North Riverview Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$54,000.00$59,118.33Active 
16-A-018-P-00-030-0 14CF001875 04/27/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationLyman, Carol B. (Unknown Heirs)7317-B Foxmill Road, Mentor, OH 44060$60,000.00$61,125.77Active 
16-D-111-F-00-005-0 14CF001629 04/27/2015Matrix Financial Services CorporationElmore, Geneva B.4796 Belle Meadow Road, Mentor, OH 44060$78,000.00$79,766.03Active 
16-C-080-D-00-008-0 14CF001891 04/27/2015Bank of America, N.A.White, John D. (Deceased)7390 Cole Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$117,000.00$121,113.12Active 
27-B-052-F-00-056-0 14CF002069 04/27/2015Green Tree Servicing, LLCPowell, Matthew38660 Congressional Lane, Willoughby, OH 44094$168,000.00$203,641.51Active 
16-C-068-B-00-038-0 14CF001910 04/27/2015Federal National Mortgage AssociationDerrick, Joseph M. II7179 Culver Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060$102,000.00$119,869.82Active 
29-A-010-A-00-038-0 14CF001958 04/27/2015Federal National Mortgage AssociationLinn, Kenneth R.1319 Craneing Road, Wickliffe, OH 44092$78,000.00$84,140.45Active 
16-A-005-E-00-036-0 11CF002259 04/27/2015CitiMortgage, Inc.Salopeck, Elizabeth A.8180 Deepwood Boulevard, #12, Mentor, OH 44060$39,000.00$51,042.29Active 
15-C-022-0-00-040-0 14CF000417 05/04/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationEvans, August (Estate of)574 Newell Street, Painesville, OH 44077$96,000.00$66,799.13Active 
01-B-112-A-13-014-0 01-B-112-A-13-015-0 12CF002986 05/04/2015USDAStaten, Jason P.6191 Maxwell Drive, Madison, OH 44057$66,000.00$120,898.56Active 
01-B-112-A-21-010-0 12CF002981 05/04/2015USDAJarnigan, Heather M.6226 Maxwell Drive, Madison, OH 44057$72,000.00$157,232.83Active 
01-B-112-A-01-050-0 06CF002166 05/04/2015USDAGuest, Cherith M.1777 Benjamin Road, Madison, OH 44057$78,000.00$124,823.96Active 
01-B-124-0-00-038-0 13CF002795 05/04/2015CitiMortgage, Inc.Beasley, Brad2361 Townline Road, Madison, OH 44057$75,000.00$83,900.17Active 
34-B-025-D-00-032-0 13CF002064 05/04/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationDillinger, Christopher L.249 Plymouth Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$48,000.00$49,083.48Active 
19-A-090-L-00-021-0 13CF002560 05/04/2015Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Coliano, Aimee L.7519 Primrose Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$102,000.00$111,045.89Active 
19-A-092-E-00-022-0 14CF001254 05/04/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.Tinat, LLC5650 Marine Parkway, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$93,000.00$84,355.55Active 
15-C-025-0-00-017-0 14CF000919 05/04/2015JPMorgan Chase Bank, National AssociationWalck, Ronald A.307 Lexington Avenue, Painesville, OH 44077$69,000.00$34,475.71Active 
08-A-012-H-00-023-0 14CF002034 05/04/2015Fifth Third Mortgage CompanyZehner, David C.8184 Timberlane Drive, Concord, OH 44077$282,000.00$315,810.43Active 
04-A-044-C-00-005-0 14CF001777 05/04/2015Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, as TrusteeDillworth, Stephen E.4127 Haprer Street, Perry, OH 44081$60,000.00$46,576.13Active 
11-B-045-F-00-013-0 14CF001589 05/04/2015Bank of America, N.A.Abad, Rommel1044 Zephyr Lane, Painesville, OH 44077$120,000.00$123,683.26Active 
01-B-126-A-00-028-0 14CF001445 05/04/2015Cardinal Community Credit UnionDiFranco, Robert2363 Cambrian Way, Madison, OH 44057$114,000.00$107,393.94Active 
01-A-090-0-00-019-0 14CF001863 05/04/2015U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF8 Master Participation TrustZorn, Ronald A.1540 Dock Road, Madison, OH 44057$189,000.00$223,843.67Active 
01-B-112-A-13-087-0 14CF001757 05/04/2015Green Planet Servicing, LLCBeyer, Michael D.6245 South Watling Way, Madison, OH 44057$102,000.00$73,888.86Active 
34-A-008-J-00-034-0 14CF001745 05/11/2015The Huntington National BankChamblin, David W.1170 East 362nd Street, Eastlake, OH 44095$87,000.00$103,678.77Active 
34-B-025-H-10-029-0 14CF001932 05/11/2015Federal National Mortgage Association ("Fannie Mae")Ranallo, Jay D.416 Riverdale Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$132,000.00$115,746.10Active 
27-A-022-B-00-004-0 14CF001870 05/11/2015Wells Fargo Bank, NAReid, Timothy A.39295 King Edward Court, Willoughby, OH 44094$156,000.00$137,722.54Active 
16-D-117-L-00-088-0 14CF001328 05/11/2015Wells Fargo Financial Ohio 1, Inc.Walker, Charles E. (Unknown Heirs)9268 Jordan Drive, Mentor, OH 44060$75,000.00$56,458.57Active 
27-B-057-F-00-029-0 14CF002312 05/11/2015The Home Savings and Loan Company of Youngstown, OhioWhite, Daniel J.892 Chestnut Road, Willoughby, OH 44094$120,000.00$128,805.03Active 
29-A-001-G-00-022-0 14CF001860 05/11/2015Federal National Mortgage Association ("Fannie Mae")Selfridge, Barbara (Estate of)30033 Truman Avenue, Wickliffe, OH 44092$105,000.00$99,401.88Active 
27-A-032-B-00-013-0 14CF001187 05/11/2015Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.Arquette, Kenneth R. Jr.39004 Johnnycake Ridge Road, Willoughby, OH 44094$135,000.00$144,832.77Active 
20-A-027-0-00-038-0 14CF000697 05/11/2015PNC Mortgage, a division of PNC Bank, National AssociationVega, Hector M.10731 Tibbetts Road, Kirtland, OH 44094$282,000.00$245,889.20Active 
34-B-025-D-00-121-0 14CF001535 05/11/2015Kondaur Capital CorporationEvans, Mary Louise aka Krisak, Mary Louise fka Streeter, Mary L.37414 Green Drive, Eastlake, OH 44095$57,000.00$86,123.08Active 
27-B-057-G-00-026-0 14CF002259 05/11/2015HSBC Bank USA, National Association, as TrusteeStemple, Scott A.1065 Garden Road, Willoughby, OH 44094$72,000.00$109,378.63Active 
29-B-007-V-00-008-0 14CF000671 05/11/2015Green Tree Servicing LLCMitchell, Lionel W. (Unknown Spouse)2148 Green Ridge Drive, Wickliffe, OH 44092$84,000.00$78,334.75Active 
19-A-090-I-00-008-0 14CF001282 05/11/2015Talmer Bank and Trust successor by merger to First Place BankPages, Armando E.7728 Primrose Drive, Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH 44060$129,000.00$114,211.04Active 
28-A-048-B-00-037-0 10CF001603 05/11/2015CitiMortgage, Inc.Loparo, Donica32130 Willowick Drive, Willowick, OH 44095$93,000.00$101,498.14Active 
16-D-115-0-00-042-0 11CF002546 05/11/2015Wells Fargo Bank, NASchlegel, Jenalle M.9481 Lake Shore Boulevard, Mentor, OH 44060$186,000.00$220,176.32Active